OCD (Obsessive Compulsive DIsorder)

Q: Hey Ana & Ravi. Blessings to you both. I hope you do not mind me messaging you because it is personal. I was diagnosed with OCPD (Obsessive compulsive personality disorder) it actually explains a lot now lol. I was wondering what meditation could help me?As treatment, I cannot form rigid routines because I will experience obsessions etc so should I alternate the physical part often?I have great faith in yoga and meditation and while I am recieving psychological help, I want to treat myself holistically. Thank you!

A: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a brain disorder where certain impulses keep repeating, a bit like a broken record. It is also a first chakra block (obsession).

Sometimes, there is a fine line between OCPD and ones capacity to maintain a discipline, and, since everything contains its opposite, you can use this tendency to good advantage. All you need is a little bit of an overview and the discernment to know when enough is enough. OCPD flares up when there are things in a persons life which they feel are beyond their control or, out of control. A Kundalini Yoga practice, in helping you to be master of your own destiny, will give you the ultimate sense of control.

Here is a Kundalini set that can really make a difference. Do this when you feel Your OCPD symptoms are starting to flare up.

Meditative set for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder & Depression

1. [3 mins] Sitting in easy pose, interlace the hands at the base of the skull. BOF through puckered lips (cannon breath).

Stretch the elbows to the sides as if they are wings. Press the back of the neck gently into the hands (like relaxing the back of the head into a pillow), not to create tension but for proper alignment.

*Feel expansive and buoyant. Feel happy.

*Be willing to go through a little bit of “hell” so you can go through heaven!

To end: inhale through the nose and try to pull the hands apart. Feel the light within your body permeating throughout the body.

2. [6 mins] Interlace the hands over the sternum. Inhale into the sternum through the teeth. Exhale through the nose. Smile on the exhale. Let go of grief. Feel relief.

To end: inhale and press the hands into the body and stretch.
Exhale and relax.

3. [1-3 mins] Sitting in easy pose, the arms are straight in front, parallel to the ground. Right palm is up, left palm is down. Inhale and raise both hands up 30 degrees. Exhale and lower both hands to 30 degrees below the parallel.

*The ultimate cure for this type of "disorder" is to create a relationship with one’s soul.

*When you go beyond your limitations, see how great you are, and let that greatness inform you.

To end: inhale with both arms parallel to the ground. (Practice pulling the shoulder blades together).

4. Lie on your back and relax.
Mantra chant - with eyes turned all the way up to the top of the head.

*Visualize a violet flame.

I am Thine, in mine myself, wahay Guru. Humee Hum Tumee Toom, Wahay Guru