Nutritional Supplments

The supplements we feel are essential for us are EFAs (anti-inflammatory), B complex (for stress), vegetarian calcium (bone health), and anti-oxidants.

We try to get all our supplements in whole food formulas.

We also take MSM and silica for skin, bones, and hair and cell regeneration. Currently we are taking curcumin (anti-inflammatory) and milk thistle extract (liver cleanser).

We take a daily whole food supplement (Mega Food), digestive enzymes (also from Megafood), an EFA suplemment Ana takes evening primrose and silica (great for absorption of Calcium. We also like Pure Radiance C from The Synergy Company.

If you take a non-vegetarian Omega supplement be sure it is tested for heavy metals. We think Nordic Naturals has a reputation for pureness.

Other important supplements include COQ10 and a good probiotic.