Nervous Sensitivity

Q: I have a question about nerves. I've been doing yoga, lots of vinyasa and some kundalini, for about 7 years now. I have been vegetarian to varying degrees during that time. When I started to go raw, I felt more and more agitated and twitchy, super-sensitive to the city (New York), like I was being electrocuted sometimes. Ayurvedic counselors have told me that I am mostly vata dosha, and they are imbalanced by raw food. I was also practicing some pranayama at the time.

Is this nervous sensitivity common? Do you know if there are specific practices that might cause or ease it?

Your insights are much appreciated. Thanks,

A: Thanks for writing. Based on what you told us, we feel that what the Auryvedic counselor told you was essentially correct. It doesn't mean you should eliminate raw food but combine it with some warming foods (vegan). You can also use spices with raw foods to add a warming element. One mistake people make with raw food is an overabundance of sweets which might be a factor the symptoms you describe.
A raw food diet does make one more sensitive which does not always coincide with NYC life. Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of nerve strength so any Kundalini Yoga practice will work on your nerves.
The "Soothe Stress - Free Fatigue" segment followed by the "On the Spot Addiction Alternative" from Yoga Quick Fixes would be great for your nerves. We recomend you do these sets 2X per week.

Whenever you feel agitated, you can interlace your hands over your solar plexus and, breathing long and light, inhale through puckered lips exhale nose. Also, when you do your yoga or meditation practice, sit in silence for at least a minute before resuming normal activities.

We hope this was helpful. Best of luck with your yoga practice!