Neck and Shoulder Tension

Anytime you feel tension in the upper body it means you are not being supported somewhere below. It sounds as if you need to build some core strength so your neck does not try to take over the work load. The Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond DVD would be wonderful for you.

The first set will help release your upper body/neck tension. The second set will help build core strength. As you work on strengthening the core keep your neck lengthened but relaxed. Keep the shoulder blades firmly down the back and shoulders relaxed. Keep your head in line with your chest. If, when doing certain abdominal exercises on the back, you feel undue tension even when following the above guidelines, keep the head down for now. Also, really press the back of the ribs into the floor which will recruit the upper back muscles (trapezius). At the same time soften your ribs which will cause the deeper core ab muscles to engage. Concentrate on using these core muscles to build support for your neck and shoulders.

Neck tension can also signify digestive issues. This may not be your case, but the Digestible You set from Yoga Quick Fixes, Navel Power and Yoga Cleanse would help with that. Navel
Power will also build core strength. We also recommend the Headache Helper set from Yoga Quick Fixes.

Try to maintain awareness of how you are holding tension in your neck and shoulders throughout the day. Keep your sternum lifted and shoulderblades down the back so your neck feels supported.

Any of our DVDs will work for you in releasing tension and building strength as long as you continue to apply these principles.