Natural Hair Dyes

Darker hair dyes are said to be more toxic then light. You might want to experiment with henna which can keep your hair super healthy, shiny and beautiful. I have seen great results with it and it sounds like it may be perfect for you.

Here are 2 sites to check out:

here is a quote from someone who does our dvds re:

"....Have you ever heard of LUSH Cosmetics??? They have a hair henna product that is absolutely phenomenal. There are 4 different shades, but you can combine them or add coffee, wine, vingegar, etc to change the hue. I have used their CaCa blocks [product name], and absolutely LOVE the result! They are all natural and even make your hair shinier, smoother, and softer. And the color lasts a while, too, which is a plus for poor college kids like me :]....."

The only drawback to henna is it is very permanent so go gradually and do some research first.

I hope you find something suitable for you!