Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy is an inflammatory condition which many scientists theorize begins with a nutritional deficiency in the womb. We recommend all of our DVD's especially Fat Free Yoga and Yoga for Beginners & Beyond: Stretch, Strengthen, Be Stress Free. Try to do the Hands Like a Teapot Meditation on Fat Free Yoga for 11 min.

Also, make sure you're getting enough healthy fats in your diet. Please research the ratio between Omega 3 Fatty acids and Omega 6 Fatty acids and make sure that your diet consists of twice as many Omega 3\\\'s. Do you have silver fillings in your teeth? You might also research the
link between symptoms like yours and heavy metal toxicity.

We also recommend the Immune Booster segment on our Yoga House Call DVD. We are not doctors, so we know we have to be careful making claims, but it has been our experience Kundalini Yoga with the appropriate lifestyle considerations, can keep your symptoms like yours completely under control, and more often than not reverse them!

Here is a protocol which has been used to successfully treat muscular dystrophy. We know it is not easy to take so many supplements, but we are sure the results will be worth it! It would be a good idea to consult a holistic nutritionist to help you with this.

Reishi Mushroom extract (if available)
Liquid Calcium (600 mg)
Liquid Vitamin E (150 i.u.)
Cod Liver Oil (daily serving)
Soy Lecithin (1-2 tsp)
Flax seeds & wheat germ oil – when can get into foods, banana bread,
yogurt, etc.

In addition, in a powdered form mixed together and put into a green

1,000 mg Taurine
400 mcg folic acid
60 mg CoQ10
50 mcg selenium
1,000 mcg Vitamin B12
1,000 mg Vitamin C
120 mg Gingko
4,000 mg MSM
20 g whey protein
8000 mg L-Glutamine
1,500 mg L-Arginine
800 mg Creatine

Try to avoid dairy products, eat organic fruit and vegetables (very
important), and avoid refined sugar in your diet

Disclaimer: The advice we give is in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise program or