Moon Centers: for Women Only

Moon Chakras and Their Effect on Your Moods, Mind, and Inner Aspect in Your Life as a Woman: Energetically, women are ruled by the moon and the water element as qualities of energy. When we say, "ruled," we mean powerfully influenced. The moon and water relate to the emotions. Emotions can be either the most beautiful form of human expression, or the most destructive. Through our Kundalini Yoga and Meditation we can direct our emotions to their positive polarities, be successful in our lives and relationships, and manifest a Destiny for ourselves and the world. Yogi Bhajan's said, "When a man falls, an individual falls, but when a falls, a generation falls." That means that women have the inherent power to heal the world and temper the insanity of everthing happening these days with compassion. We as women, also have a powerful effect on teaching core values of higher consciousness to our children as well as positively influencing the men in our lives The 11 Moon Centers are minor chakras (locuses of energy) which represent, for a woman, emotional and bio-rhythmic phases throughout the 28 day cycle of the moon (2.5 days for each location on a woman's body). Stress can disrupt the cycle, but normally these phases are a monthly rhythm. If you are aware of your personal rhythm you can increase your understanding of yourself and increase your ability to be the master of your own life. 1. Arcline: The arcline can be seen (by those with the eyes to see) as a literal halo across the hairline and breast area. It relates to your fierce focus, intuition, and confidence. When this moon center is active you can operate at peak efficiency with absolute confidence. If you would like to master the art of the deal, schedule important meetings when you're in this phase! It's said that a woman's arcline, optimally, extends a millimeter beyond that of a man. This is the advantage which nature has bestowed upon you. You may not match most men in brute strength, but overall, you have more powerful intuition, subtle insight, and auric protection/projection! The Awaken Your Senses segment on our Solar Power Workout, among many other techniques, in Kundalini Yoga (and any form of meditation), will strengthen your arcline. Most importantly, believe in yourself as a woman! 2. Navel Center: When your Moon is centered in your navel, do Navel Power! At this time you can be pulled off center easily and be drawn into things against your better judgment. Keep a low profile at this time and avoid shopping with friends. You could wind up buying five pairs of shoes you really don't want and can't afford. Take some quiet time. Consolidate. This is not a good time to go out partying. A Woman Warrior knows when to consolidate and regenerate! It is also possible to be overly aggressive at this time (another Navel Chakra imbalance). Either way, stay out of the line of fire! Work behind the scenes. 3. Thighs: When the lunar energy is focused here do your taxes, balance your checkbook, organize your life! You will be imbued with energy and adminstrative ability. Be the office manager of your own life. Things that seemed overwhelming before are easily accomplished now. Try our Yoga Bliss Hips and Ultimate Stretch DVD 's to open up energy in this area. 4. Ear lobes: As you are reading this massage both earlobes. You'll feel a flush of new energy throughout your body. In acupuncture the ears are a microcosm of the whole body! Auryvedic (Ancient Indian) medicine called energy points marmas. Your ear lobes are energetically linked to your brain. When the right ear lobe is massaged it allows the left brain and pituitary gland to become stimulated. When the left ear lobe is massaged it allows the right brain and pineal gland to become stimulated, giving you a whole brain experience. So, when your lunar energy is focused here you are very analytical and idealistic. This is a great time for get back to your core values! Our Transformer Workout is the perfect thing to do at this time. 5. Clitoris (I am so blushing right now!): In this phase of the lunar chakra cycle, a woman is charming, talkative, sociable, and outgoing. This is not the time to involve yourself in intense soul searching or drudgery type office work. Get out there. Have fun. Dress up. Network. It's party time for all the right reasons! Kundalini Yoga for Energy & Super Radiance. 6. Vagina (blushing anew!): In this phase of the lunar month you are in contact with your Feminine archetype and want to validate yourself in soulful engagement with significant others or important friends. This is not the time to be frivolous. You want everything you do to mean something. So make it so! In this lunar phase we recommend the Positive PMS and Delete Depression segments on Yoga Quick Fixes. 7. When the lunar chakra at the Back of the Neck is active you are a hopeless romantic. Be careful! A gesture which might be considered "cheesy," at other times might sweep you off your feet now. So, be sure that your "crap detector" has fresh batteries! This is a whimsical time, so have fun, but stay out of trouble. Avoid impulsive decisions at this time. Be impulsive, but in a light-hearted, safe way. The back of the neck is where the "yang," merdians congregate. This is an inroad to the subconscious. It is important to keep this area open. We recommend our Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond DVD. 8. Breasts: When the moon energy is situated in the area of the breasts/nipples your Heart Center is wide open! Make sure that you are in protective environments because at this time it is possible to be taken advantage of. Don't buy a used car just because the salesperson is complaining that they haven't made a sale all week! 9. Lips: The lips are very important energy points. The top lip relates to the governing vessel (the main "yang," meridian). The lower lip relates to the conception vessel (the main "yin," meridian). When the lips vibrate together it engenders perfect balance. In this lunar phase it's all about communication. A woman's brain is wired to communicate. A woman figures things out and processes as she speaks. A man does those things before he speaks. So, at this time be very careful what you say and how you say it. You will either be very effective with your communication or your words will complicate everything! This is a good time to do Kundalini Yoga exercises/meditation for the Throat Chakra on A Journey thru the Chakras. 10. Cheeks: This phase of the moon is when you are at your most irrational. It's not a good time to buy a condo in Barbados sight unseen because you liked the photo in the brochure! Everything does contain its opposite, so if you are diligent about doing your Kundalini Yoga and Meditation this can be a very powerful time. Your unpredictable aspect as a woman is part of your POWER. In physics, the event horizon is where order meets chaos and that's where change and growth occur. If you are in your power and have the clarity to do so, then do something unprecedented. But don't be a cheeky girl! Be sure that you are operating from your meditative, prayerful self. Try the Rewrite the Book of Your Life Meditation on our Meditation DVD. 11. Eyebrows: Yogi Bhajan cited the eyebrows as the most sensitive part of a woman's body. He said that they are subtle extensions of the parasympathetic nervous system. When the Moon Center is in the eyebrows, you are very imaginative and subtle. This is a good time to commune with nature spirits in your garden or write a long range business plan. It's not a good time to do your Christmas shopping. You may find yourself being way too extravagant! The Moon Centers and Sex Yoga Bhajan said that for the sexual experience to be optimized then the moon centers should be stimulated (by your partner) in the order given above. If you want to share this with your partner you might want to make sure they understand that sacred sex is not like following directions from a cookbook, there is plenty of room for innovation! How to Chart Your Personal Cycle. When you feel that you are living a healthy routine and have been doing your Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, then tune in to yourself each 2.5 days and write on a calender which of the above phases you feel yourself to be in. After a few months a pattern will emerge. Then, armed with this self-knowledge, you will be able to plan, organize, and optimize your life! See the Meditation of the Month for a Women Only Meditation to balance your moon centers. That means to re-establish your natural rhythm and invoke these centers' positive polarities. This meditation is taught on our Yoga Beauty Body DVD. Overall, the 5 Tibetan Rites segment on Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond, will balance your moon centers as well.