Mind Your Business!

Mind Your Business! "Think of business as a board game. You can play the game as it exists, or you try to change the game, either by changing the rules, changing the objective, changing who you're playing against, or by choosing to play an entirely different game."-- Tom Murcko Why an article on business in a Kundalini Yoga newsletter? Because unless we have an inexhaustible trust fund along with minimum ambition, we are all in business. We're all trying to promote ourselves, improve our circumstances, express our uniqueness, be more successful, and find that elusive formula to do less and get more done so that we have time left over to make a positive difference in the world. Suddenly it's the Aquarian Age and everything is shifting. The Aquarian Age is the Kundalini Yoga (and beyond) term for the new ways of being that are suffusing every form of business and social enterprise: Our personal and professional success hinge on our ability to navigate the shifting sands of culture and consciousness. Hierarchy is deferring to parallel processing. It's no longer a top-down world (or Universe!). We are now co-creators with each other and the Universe. Here's an acronym that expresses what the Aquarian Age means to those of us who mean business: * Awareness: In the Aquarian Age the ability to assess and comprehend new information quickly is constant. * Quoth: As in Quoth the raven nevermore. Yep, it's an archaic word and many of the old models/assumptions are increasingly nevermore. * Understanding: Facts are now fluid. We must understand context * Assimilate: Learning is not enough. We must learn how to assimilate, filter, and assess. * Roll with the punches is another way of saying flexibility and an overview in all areas of social interaction is key. * Intellect is only one facet of this prism. We need to tune our Intuition and elevate our emotions. * Awareness: Yes,, Awareness again, because after all Kundalini is the yoga of Awareness! As in: Information is not enough. Neither is knowledge. We need wisdom. To gain wisdom we need to learn how to learn through experience and activate a new relationship with energy. *No limits: Complexity is increasing as is our need to be multi-dimensional beings. Our sense of self is extending beyond the boundaries of our body. So how do we make this crucial transition? Shifting our belief system is only the beginning. We need to raise our frequency and expand our consciousness. We also need to self-empower. This is done through the right type of training. The type of training that takes place all day every day. It's not just a matter of mindfulness. Mindfulness is what we do as an extension of our training, but the training: Kundalini Yoga and life itself. Why is Kundalini Yoga so vital to this? Because it helps us cover all of the bases to be complete beings before we walk out the door and present ourselves to the world. We want to be firing on all cylinders: Each of our chakras, our ten bodies, our energy flows, our psyche, and our soul need to be lit up so that we can live our excellence. In the business arena we need creativity, organizational and leadership skills. We also need to be both flexible and strong in equal measure in relation to other people. With all things being equal there are hidden variables that can give us an edge in life and business as we know it. Awareness is the indispensable condition for seeing ahead of the curve and for illuminating the opportunities in every situation. How do we build awareness? By tuning ourselves to what is self-evident yet currently invisible. By enhancing our sensory system (frontal lobe of the brain), our intuitive faculties, and priming the pump for human optimization we become aware of innovative strategies and co-creative possibilities that up-level and transform our company and ourselves. Countless self-help books pay lip service to transformation but how do we realistically embody it? The answer may not be what you would think. People often write to us with questions such as: which mantra should I practice for abundance? What kriya can help me get my dream job? It's true Kundalini Yoga and Meditation does have a "magical" component, i.e., aligning the Universe with our efforts, turning challenging money karma into money dharma, generating a cycle of powerful energies that swirl on our behalf, etc. that's a good thing and those things are tangible benefits that all forms of spiritual practice engender, but let's consider that the icing on the cake. The cake we want to bake is our practice every day. We want our practice to give us the tools to be super-successful so that unseen blessings and grace become gratuitous. We can then think about how best to honor the Universe with the gifts we've been given rather than worrying about if the Universe is going to honor us. Life Hacks for Success We may be able to honor our promise to society by being a hard worker and good citizen, but society is becoming less able to fulfill its promise to us. Systems are breaking down and being redefined. The old model for economic success was: Get good grades in school and get a degree. Find secure employment in a stable company. Aspire to be upwardly mobile in a situation that rewards good work. Invest in a house as a hedge against inflation. Acquire lots of things to put in your house. Make enough money to retire and continue to live in the style to which you've become accustomed. Hold Everything! In this new era, that model is becoming less and less viable. These days each of us, by necessity, is our own brand. To build our brand the first step is to be authentic. These days authenticity wins the prize. How to be authentic? Jettison those things that are not consistent with your best self. Doing things to simply look good won't cut it. We have to be good and be great! May we always remember that luck is not luck. It's a combination of our ability to save energy and take calculated risks as a matter of course. For instance you might be invited to a party where you hardly know anyone. The downside is that you might feel awkward. The upside is that you might make a connection that can benefit you in ways you can't presently imagine. Learn from your mistakes. Mistakes are valuable because they provide information that help us do better next time. One mistake that we make is that we continue to base our lives on an old script. That's understandable if we haven't taken the time to write a new script for ourselves. Make a pact with yourself that today you are going to write an outline for the rest of your life, the particulars (names and places) to be filled in as you go. As long as you have learned how to learn know that the education system is based more on the promise of something than its delivery. Degrees don't quite have the cache they used to. What matters is experience. The way to get that experience is to volunteer, self-motivate, initiate projects, and do stuff. There is no better education than to model yourself after and be mentored by the people who are doing what you want to do. If you have a pattern of self-sabotage, peel the layers of the onion to find out why and consciously curb your behavior away from those ways of being that don't yield results. For many this is an almost impossible task. That is where Kundalini Yoga Meditation comes in. You can't go wrong with Triple Kriya. We do 11 min. of Sat Kriya followed by 11-31 min. each of So Darshan Chakra Kriya and the SaTaNaMa Meditation. Become an entrepreneur. Are you spending your life working for someone else's success in the name of security? Think about what it would take to go for it! But do this gradually. No need to step off of a sinking ship until there's another ship waiting for you (unless the ship you're on is about to pull you under). Take breath breaks. There are numerous techniques in the Kundalini lexicon that can help you alter your state for the btter in just a few minutes. If you are feeling less than stellar you owe it to yourself to recharge, reboot and shine and be divine. Breathe and bless you! Commit to commitment. Many people feel that their personal life and professional life are apples and oranges. To be successful we must accept that we're always "on the clock." No one's saying life can't be fun and fantastic, but what we are saying is that everything in our life effects everything else. How we eat, think, and behave, etc. all have a bearing on the flow of circumstance. Also, the laws of the Universe are ineluctable constants. As we align with them our lives flow and flower. Mind Your Business Seminars and Consulting Ravi/Ana, and Ravi's cousin Rebecca Hahn are now offering on site seminars, to mid and upper management. Included will be team building, updating strategic vision based on current trends, self-empowerment, corporate wellness, and more. If you are a decision maker in a company or are able to pass along a proposal, please reply to this e-mail. We will travel anywhere!