Possible causes for chronic headaches and migraines would be a hormonal imbalance, misalignment of the cervical vertebrae or he skull bones, toxicity in the body, dehydration, stress which causes the capillaries in the head to constrict, allergies, sinus problems, high blood pressure, eye strain, nutritional deficiency, neck and shoulder tension, low blood sugar, environmental pollutants, and emotional issues.

Any and all of Kundalini Yoga will help correct many of these conditions. For Hormonal Balance we recommend our Fat Free Yoga DVD. The Headache Helper segment on our Yoga Quick Fixes can be helpful in aligning the neck and skull bones and increasing circulation to the head. Our Yoga Cleanse DVD is great for de-toxing, and the Heart Helper and Immune Invigorator segments on Yoga House Call will boost the immune system and help with food sensitivity.All of the meditations on our DVD\'s and in Kundalini Yoga in general, will help alleviate stress and often can make headaches disappear.

Many people get headaches from eating chocolate, caffeine, red wine, food additives like msg, wheat, and foods like peanuts which can have various molds.

It is good to be proactive and a detective of sorts, to try to get to the cause and effect for your condition, but of course, if a headache persists for more than a day or two, you should consult a physician immediately.