Metatarsal Discomfort

We do believe Kundalini Yoga can help relieve your metatarsal discomfort and a regular practice will help increase oxygen in the blood and delivery of blood throughout the body and can even help regenerate cartilage.

It is not the specific exercises that will be most beneficial to your feet, it is the way you do any of the exercises and the balance of the weight on your feet that will give relief. The weight should be shared equally between heels and metetarsals and the movemnent of the foot always guided by the heels with the metatarsals staying relaxed and yielding to follow the movement of the heel.
For example, when you do a seated forward bend, hold on to the balls of the feet and press through the heels as if pressing a weight away. the balls of the feet stay relaxed

Some healthy lifestyle adjustments will also help keep relieve the symptoms of metarsalgia We suggest eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as well as “good fats,” contained in things like olive oil, avocados and almonds to reduce inflammation and maintain a healthy body weight to lighten the load on your feet. And of course, don't smoke!