Menopause / Perimenopause

We feel that Kundalini Yoga is one of the best things you can do to help address the symptoms associated with peri-menopause and menopause . A regular Kundalini Yoga practice will help to optimize the function of the endocrine system and the reproductive organs as well and give you the means to stay balanced and energized.

The Yoga sets we especially recommend for this time are: "The 5 Tibetan Rites" on our Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond DVD (each of the exercises in beneficial in easing or preventing symptoms associated with menopause). The"Positive PMS" segment on Yoga Quick Fixes (specifically designed to release tension from the ovaries and address endocrine balance). The "Your Life is in Your Own Glands" segment from our Fat Free Yoga DVD as well as the "Hands like a Teapot" meditation on that program. We recommend both sets on Dance the Chakras Yoga Workout, Yoga Bliss Hips, The "Strong Bones & Muscle Tone" and Fertility/Potency" set on Yoga House Call and the Sa Ta Na Ma meditation which is also on that DVD. We also recommend the Yoga Cleanse DVD. Also, all of Yoga Beauty Body will be very helpful.

Peri-menopause represents a purification for a new phase of life, one in which new levels of inner and outer fulfillment can be realized. Kundalini Yoga with the appropriate lifestyle considerations can assist in making this process a graceful and joyful one.

According to the Yogic tradition, menopause heralds a time in your life where you have learned and loved and gathered much life experience and wisdom. It is the sign that the time has come to share your wisdom with others. It causes a body mind shift to power and projection. It is a time to rule, to guide, to give, and to serve others.

The discomforts of menopause can be eased by yoga, meditation, diet and exercise. There are lifestyle considerations which are also important. These include minimizing stimulants: meat, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and dairy ( Yogi Bhajan suggested that a woman should eat very light vegetarian foods at this time in life and have her last meal of the day at 4:00 pm)We also recommend you drink lots of purified water. Essential Fatty Acids and/or Evening Primrose Oil, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, (etc) are a few great daily supplements. Most important is doing Kundalini Yoga every day. Yoga Bhajan recommended that a woman should do Kundalini Yoga vigorously enough to break a sweat every day. This is the best hormonal adjustment. Weight bearing exercises like yoga will help maintain healthy bone mass..

Meditations and breathing techniques are very valuable at this time.
This meditation can also be very helpful: wrists on the knees. Inhale in four equal parts thru the nose. Exhale in one part. On the inhale touch you index, middle, ring, and little fingers to your thumb progressively. Think Sa-Ta-Na-Ma on the inhale and Wahay Guru on the exhale. 11-31 min.

We also highly recommend the breathing technique called Sitali Pranayam which entails inhaling through a curled, extended tongue and exhaling through the nose. 11 - 22 min. per day would be good for the symptoms associated with menopause.

You might also try Chasteberry (Vitex) which is often used in the balancing of hormones Please seek the guidance of a qualified health professional to know the correct dosage for you.

Yogi Bhajan’s Top 5 Tips for Graceful Menopause

1. Do Kundalini Yoga vigorously enough to break a sweat everyday.

2. Practice the Minute Breath: work up to inhaling (breathing through
the nose) for 20 seconds, holding the breath for 20 seconds, and
exhaling for 20 seconds. Start with 3 minutes and work up to 31
minutes. This will completely cool out your system and regenerate you.

3. East “sattvic,” food, light and pure. Avoid overly spicy food and overly cooked food. Of course avoid fried food and all the usual suspects such as coffee, sugar, alcohol, and processed foods.

4. Be kind to your kidneys by taking about a small portion of yogurt blended with 6-8 ounces of low mineral spring water. You can add a dab of salt.

5. Drink celery juice. Eat parsley, sweet potatoes, water chestnuts, and beets.

Disclaimer: the advice we give is in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise program or nutritional protocol.