Mataji Graham

Mataji has been teaching Kundalini yoga for many years. Being one of Yogi Bhajan's original students her roots are deep in the practice. Her commitment to Kundalini Yoga is embedded in the profound science and beautiful teachings of Yogi Bhajan. She is dedicated to offer these teachings to inspire others to align with the truth of their heart and true self. She feels strongly that the technology should be available to all people. “I am honored to be a RaviAna trained Kundalini Yoga Teacher.” Mataji is Yoga Alliance Kundalini Certified and a Certified Numerologist She is teaching “Flash Kundalini Yoga in the Park” (which caters to people who are on the streets) as well as in a group home for people dealing with mental illness. Mataji teaches an ongoing class at “The Healing Center” in Edgewood NM - Thursdays at 5:30.
Edgewood, NM
United States
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