Love & Yoga

There are 5 reasons people typically enter into romantic relationships:
1. Unfinished business, karmically or emotionally.
2. Security / social expectations.
3. The object of their affection is an amalgam of their inner ideal.
4. To fill a hole in the soul.
5. As catalysts for each other's destiny.
Over years of listening a recurring theme entails people holding out for their soul mate. Does such a thing exist? We often have an idealized image we hold of a life partner. It's often an extension of our family dynamic. The problem is that often what's familiar to us is not what's best for us and we continually attract all the wrong people even though the chemistry is so strong. The great lesson is that meeting our soul mate is not the answer. We need to mate with our own soul.
On a risk / reward scale many people are risk averse due to a deep-seated fear of rejection and remain closed off to true intimacy. Another common "hidden agenda," is the feeling that we won't be deserving of love until we're "perfect," and of course that's an impossible ideal. Then there's the need to control or be controlled. This creates a dynamic of dysfunction.
In order to manifest desired outcomes we need to stop pretending and defending and be willing to make ourselves vulnerable.
We don't need to necessarily have the same sensibility or taste in things as our partner, but it's important that we share similar values. For successful relationships we need to cultivate: compassion, cooperation, character, consciousness, and commitment.
The life of the Spirit is a 24/7 proposition. If we want to be successful in health, finances, relationship, or Spirit, those things need to become an extension of our career in consciousness. Relationship is a bona fide Spiritual path. Commit to commitment. That's what makes a relationship sacred and provides staying power. Let's learn to put our ego on hold and cultivate compassion. Let's seek a higher form of Union.”