The Laws of the Universe

The Universe follows its own rules and as we honor these the Universe honors us. The "Laws of the Universe" have been characterized in many ways. Here is our take:

1.The Law of Cause and Effect

The Universe is a see-saw. For every action, there is a reaction equal and opposite. In practical terms, we can't receive what we haven't given. The Law of Cause and Effect is a cosmic boomerang effect.

2. The Law of Creative Action

The Universe is based on movement and change. The law of creative action prompts us to remember that life is not an automatic proposition. We need to use our creativity to plant seeds, reach out, and follow through. We're here to grow in Spirit and to do stuff. Life is an art class. Decide what your project is and don't wait until the day before it's due to complete.

Even our most fleeting thoughts are as material as a hammer. All of our thinking is a form of action that creates reac­tion. That’s why many yogis vibrate the Holy Names with every breath. May our primary action be to put those exalted vibrations into play and walk that Way.

3. The Law of Gratitude

This law enjoins us to be grateful for what we have rather than bemoan what we don't have. The sages tell us that suffering is based on desire, the constant yearning for that one more thing that will complete us. This cycle never ends.

The Bhagavad Gita tells us that in the final analysis, we may not have the means to circumvent all that befalls us but we can transform how we experience it. The mindset of a Saint is that if something fortuitous happens it's God's grace; something challenging, it's God's will, but it's all the play of the Infinite.

4. The Law of Evolution

"Don't be afraid of growing slowly. Be afraid of standing still." —Chinese Proverb

Everything must evolve. We were not born to tread water but to swim. Personal growth begins with what we have control over, which is our habits, our discipline, our intention, our character which is very much shaped by those things we can't control.

5. The Law of Accountability

Bottom line, even if what has befallen us was not our "fault," it's still our responsibility. Nothing happens in a vacuum. Whether we like it or not, our present circumstances are informed by our past actions or propensities. Sometimes it's not "karma" that seems to punish us, but ourselves. Ultimately, we need to accept what is before we can arrive at what can be.

6. The Law of Connection

This law is based on the principle that everything is connected.
Buddhism states that we have been everything to everyone in various lives. Quantum physics states that even thinking about a person, place, or thing "entangles" us with that thing.

7. The Law of Focus

Whatever we focus on manifests and is magnified. When we focus on embodying qualities of the Universe, Love, Compassion, and Benevolence, the Universe manifests through us.

8. The Law of Giving

Living is for giving. So many are constantly seeking a deal, a boon, a free ride, but we can't receive what we haven't given.

9. The Law of Being

Unless we can learn to simply be, we can never be happy. Rather than live perpetually in the past or future may we inhabit the eternal now.

We cannot delete our past, but there's no need to allow our past to manipulate us like a puppet on the strings of circumstance. Bottom line: to a large extent we can alter our future via an impeccable present and that includes doing our prime practices pre-dawn (Long Ek Ong Kar's, So Darshan...).

10. The Universal Law of Compensation

The Universe doesn't cast a blind eye on our suffering. In the eyes of the Universe, no love goes unanswered or pain unhealed.