Laws of the Universe

I Sought the Law and the Law is One! Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe-a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble. Albert Einstein When I (Ana) had my first crisis of faith at 9 (I had recently learned that there was no Santa, no Easter Bunny, and most likely no Tooth Fairy). I began suspect God too. He probably didn't exist either and my scientist Dad who seemed to have insider information about everything and beyond about the workings of the Universe could not possibly believe in "God." I thought he had been very clever with his devout Catholic ruse. Even going so far as doing the weekly readings at our community church alongside Father Ned and Father Murphy. So, on a camping trip, as we were building a campfire, I took the opportunity to ask him conspirationally, "There really is no God, right?" I thought he would laugh and say "No, but please don't tell your siblings, or your mother." Instead he looked shocked as if he could not understand how I couldn't see that there had to be a God that there was never any question of God and how could I ever for a second have a single molecule of doubt? This gave me great pause, consternation, and even doubt in my Dad! How could a scientist, a man of supposed reason, believe in God? At seventeen when my doubts had returned and I felt myself a solid atheist, my Dad would tell me that he "felt sorry for me." Throughout all of my doubts, however I still crossed myself and said my prayers nightly and still do. I did them because they often seemed to work, and well....just in case! The philosopher Immanuel Kant said that, It's better to hedge your bets that God (implicit order, Infinite Consciousness) exists because if it turns out that it's an empty Universe we have nothing to lose. Believer or non. There is something beyond our (seemingly) rational thinking mind. Where the Universe laughs as we are deciding whether there is something "greater" than us. Its called Universal Laws and they are real! Here are some of our favorite. Through our practices and wanderings we have seen these Universal Laws proven time and timelessness again! All is One - Yes, you may roll your eyes because you have likely heard this one. A lot. In fact, it has become all-pervasive and its sentiment, even a common butt of many yoga jokes: What did the Yogi say when he walked into the Pizza Parlor? "Make me one with everything." When the Yogi got the pizza, he gave the proprietor a $20 bill. The proprietor pocketed the bill. The Yogi said "Don't I get change?" The proprietor said, "Change must come from within.". But despite it reaching cliche status. Its truth! And it's an important truth. But what does it really mean? That we all collectively along with our Universe like homogenized milk in which all the bacteria, good and bad and suspect made neutral and thus achieve a bland and safe same-ness?? No! I means dynamic interconnection. Like a beautiful Kundalini Kriya. All our parts informing the whole towards our continual evolution. Separateness IS an illusion. Not easy to remember when someone cuts us off in traffic, but it's true. This concept of Oneness is the highest meditation of the yogi. The Universe is Based on Movement and Change - Even the earth and stars are turning. None of us can stay in one place despite their most vehement efforts. Even if we "run as fast as we can to stay in one place." We'll eventually lose that sweaty race but be assured we will win the big one! The Universe wants us to express, expand, and grow. We're not here to kill time but to fulfill time. It's a Magical Universe - It's all to easy to fall into a one dimensional way of looking at the Universe. But we have all been tapped on the shoulder at some time or other by the magical. Everything we see and experience is a metaphor for something sublime. By acknowledging and tuning into these correspondences magic and beauty abound. Tune into your psyche and take heed of the messages it receives from the more subtle realms! Make Karma Your Friend - If we plant weed seeds we can't expect mangoes. Live right, do right, and be revengeless. Also, rock your Kundalini Meditations to turn fate into Destiny. High Vibes - Have you ever felt like you must be the most sensitive creature in time? You often seem to sense moods, pick up on feelings. People, environments, even hotel pillows seem to infiltrate and inform your feelings? Maybe you put on a thrift store sweater and felt sad? Or a pair of thrift store gloves slipped on made you feel like going dancing? This hyper sensitivity is real and effects all of us even when we are not aware of it. We need to remember that this works both ways. Our own moods and thoughts affect our environments and others in them as well. We are tuning forks. Everything in the Universe is connected and vibrates in sympathy with everything else. Its the Law of Vibration - Everything in our physical world moves, vibrates and travels in circular patterns. Think of the planets. These same principles of vibration in the physical world apply to our thoughts, feelings, desires and wills in the etheric worlds. Each sound, thing, and even thought has its own vibrational frequency, unique unto itself. This is why it's so important to do a daily yoga practice to keep our Vibes High! Law of Compensation- Accidents happen, tragedies happen, and sometimes people treat each other badly. Things may befall us that we truly didn't sign up for or deserve. We sometimes suffer losses that are simply not fair. The Universe knows and understands human suffering and sends love our way if we are willing to receive it. Law of Attraction - Much of what happens to and around us is our self being reflected back to us. It's important to take note of the "weather." Are people always fighting in our presence? Is there chaos in our environments? It probably means that we need to meditate more. Law of Polarity - Everything contains the potential for its opposite. The lowest, coarsest person inevitably has something redemptive and beautiful in them. Conversely, often the "beautiful people" wind up having an ugly streak. Before we judge we should look deeper. Law of Rhythm - If nothing is happening everything is soon to happen. Rather than wallow in despair, plan, organize and prepare! History, both personal and collective, is cyclical. There is are investors in the stock market called contrarians. When the market is up they bet down and vice versa. This is always a solid strategy. When we ride the rhythm and go with flow we are consistently more successful.