Kundalini Yoga for Runners

We meet many cross-training runners on our Kundalini Yoga teacher path.

We have heard time and again how our running students in taking time off to focus soley on their Kundlaini Yoga practice were astonished when they returned to running and found their cardivascular endurance and overall endurance improved.
Kundalini Yoga is great cross-training for beginners to yoga and anyone who uses exercise for relaxation.

Fianlly, the mental side of running is equally important. Athletes at the top of their game and competing at high levels understand the importance of a winning attitude required for peak performance. Those who train their minds as much as their bodies experience more success. And Kundalini Yoga focus on gaining concentration and higher consciousness, really helps runners with the “mental game” of racing.

Kundalini yogas can give many performance enhancing qualities:
1. Its emphasis on hip opening is great for tighter runners, who need to loosen up and relax their muscles.
2. The basic spinal series found in almost any Kundalini Yoga class is an effective way to prevent sciatica, back pain, and arthritis.
3. One of the biggest draws towards Kundalini Yoga for runners is improved cardiovascular endurance.
4. Kundalini Yogas emphasis on the Navel center offers runners important improved core strength
5. Increased Energy Levels

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