Kundalini Yoga for Morning and Evening

Good workouts for the morning would be anything at all on the DVDs. Most of our workouts can be broken up into shorter sets to suit your time constraints: Navel Power, Yoga Cleanse, Yoga Beauty Body, Yoga Bliss Hips, the first 3 sets of Fat Free Yoga, the 5 Tibetans set from Beginners & Beyond would all serve your needs.

The Yoga set from Dance the Chakras is less than 25 minutes and gets everything covered. This would be excellent for morning and if time allows you could add some cardio from the dance section. There are presets already programmed for quick workouts. Strong Bones and Muscle Tone from Yoga House Call. Or any of the quick sets on Yoga Quick Fixes and Yoga House Call are additional recommendations..

For PM workouts we recommend the following: "Your Life is in Your Own Glands" from Fat Free Yoga: Ultimate Stretch Yoga Workout is excellent in the evening: The "Rise & Spine" set from Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond: "Delete Depression" as well as the "Sleep Easy" segments from Yoga Quick Fixes: "Oh My Healthy Back" segment from Yoga House Call would also be a great late day workout.

Generally it's best to get in as much meditation as you can as early as possible. You might do some warm-ups and then meditate and then do your a longer Kundalini Yoga set later on. Our new DVD's: Kundalini Yoga Cardio Stretch & Strengthen, and Yoga for Energy & Super Radiance have been designed to meet all your fitness needs, plus. Time permitting you might consider doing more meditation before bed.