Kundalini Yoga Evolution Revolution Manifesto

People often ask us, 'How would you describe the Raviana style/method? In what ways if any does your style of Kundalini Yoga differ from the current 3HO organization (which Yogi Bhajan started)?' We always start our answer by saying that Ravi studied with Yogi Bhajan for 27 years (1973-2000) so everything we present is Kundalini Yoga taught by Yogi Bhajan. What characterizes our approach is that we present Kundalini Yoga as part of the fabric of All Yoga systems. We feel that in this Aquarian Age, Kundalini Yoga is meant to be the next great thing. For that to happen it is very important that Kundalini Yoga steps out into the wider yoga world. Therefore in our classes we are always sure to emphasize form and alignment because if you're going to something... do it right! We are always inspired to honor these Teachings because they mean everything to us. That said, we feel it is very important to differentiate between the letter of the law and the Spirit of the AWE. Kundalini is all about Spirit. It's a Tantric system. Tantric systems are based on the same underlying principles which are eternal, but they morph externally into whatever form is most appropriate for the time they're in. * We believe that Kundalini Yoga should be above all, joyful. * We believe that Kundalini Yoga is a compendium of the "greatest hits," of the Saints and Sages of the ages. * We believe that Kundalini Yoga is a form of ecstatic dance, quantum technology, and living art. * We believe that when Kundalini energy is alive in us then nothing can stop us, because Spirit finds a way. * We believe that Kundalini Yoga works best when we make our yoga our life and our life our yoga. * The ultimate way to honor Kundalini Yoga is to use it to make beautiful breakthroughs, rock our gifts, and turn past pain into infinite gain. * We believe that to honor our soul we need to honor who we are, be that woodworker, surfer, kickboxer, poet, or gardener. Authenticity is the calling card that opens doors. * We believe that (in our Teacher Trainings) it should not be obligatory to wear all white and keep your head covered. * We believe that these types of things should be a personal decision. * Each Raviana class presents a Kundalini Yoga kriya (a pre-existing set of exercises which prompts a synergistic, exponential effect) but we also design our classes with ample warm-ups so that students always get a complete full body and soul workout. * Kundalini Yoga is an emergent system. That means that it is in the process of constant evolution and that something unexpected and unprecedented is generated. * We believe that the forms this evolution will take will transcend one's yoga mat and surprise all of us. * We believe that Kundalini Yoga's greatest secret weapons are free energy generated by the breath and the incredible mantras that shift our indiviidual and collective reality to a higher order of being. * We believe that Kundalini Yoga is the perfect practice for the time we're in. * We believe that Iyengar, Power, Vinyasa, Bikram, and Ashtanga have all been "the" yoga of the moment. We believe that Kundalini Yoga, because of its multi-dimensionality, beauty, and power is meant to be the yoga of yogas from this moment on. * We believe that to live in the flow of Spirit means to be audacious. * We believe in the concept of rock it and rocket! We rock our practice and rocket to the blue ethers in a down to earth way. * We believe there can be no real revolution unless there is a revolution of Consciousness.