Kundalini Yoga and Beautiful Skin

Our skin is the prime indicator of health and youthfulness. Radiant skin reflects inner and outer fitness.

The best skin care regimen is one that works from the inside out and outside in.

Kundalini Yoga offers proactive solutions for every skin condition from excema to rosacea to acne. It can make anyone's skin healthy and glowing. Yoga techniques increase circulation to help get nutrients to the surface cells, hydrate, and improve, evenness of skin tone, and

Yoga also helps you relax which prevents worry lines and helps the skin to regenerate from the inside out. Yoga also insures deeper sleep which gives the body ample time to replenish its growth hormone supply.

Yoga slows the aging process by balancing the endocrine system.

It helps us sleep more deeply (we produce most of our growth hormones at night.)

Yoga Twists stimulate the liver to keep our body and bloodstream toxin free.

Yoga relaxation and meditation techniques bring calmness and

Yoga balances hormones and delivers oxygen-rich blood to our
thirsty outer boundary. This maintains elasticity, and prevents dehydration and sagging. Yoga, especially its breathing component,nourishes our skin at the cellular level and flushes toxins from the cells. The inner organs and glands are optimized. It lessens stress and helps us to relax and regenerate.

Shoulder Stand can be considered the ultimate health and
beauty pose. It stimulates the thyroid gland which, along with theentire endocrine system, are brought into balance with this exercise.It also delivers new circulation to the face, and helps the cells o fthe body to regenerate.

How to Do It:

Lie on your back and swing your legs up into the air, so that there is a straight line between your shoulders and heels. Support your lower back with your hands. Let your shoulders and elbows take the weight. Breath of Fire (see below) is a great addition to this pose. (1-3 min.) To modify this you can lie flat on your back with your legs perpendicular against a wall. In the full pose you can also have your shoulderssupported on a folded blanket(s) with the head resting in the floor.

Child's Pose

Sit on your heels, lower your forehead towards the floor (or your yoga mat). Have your hands by your ankles palms facing up.

Benefits: Childs Pose is in essence a mini inversion and increases circulation to the face while calming the mind for stress release.

2 Kundalini Yoga breath techniques for beautiful skin:

The following breath techniques should ideally be practiced on an empty stomach. Do them religiously and noticeable benefits will be within three weeks.

The first is one I have used often when my skin flares up. It works amazingly well when my skin is feeling sensitive! The second I use when I feel my hormones need balancing.

Sitali Pranayam is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It's an ultimate quick fix when skin flares up! It's great to curb symptoms of rosecea. It's also a gentle liver cleanser. Inhale through a curled and extended tongue. Exhale through the nose. Do 26 of these breaths
per practice session. Ideally do 26 in the AM and 26 in the PM.

Bhastrika (also known as Breath of Fire): Is great for healthy circulation and for regulating the hormonal system. It speeds up the benefits of any yogic pose. Inhale and exhale in equal measures through your nose. The breaths are like little sniffs in and out in and out,like a bellows. Relax your upper ribs and belly. Let the breath breathe
you! Try this for 1 - 2 min.

Please note that these techniques are just basic examples of the kinds of things which yoga offers for beautiful skin. To delve more deeply into this subject, we recommend our Yoga Beauty Body, Fat Free Yoga, Yoga for Beginners & Beyond, and Solar Power DVD's.