Kundalini Syndrome and Wikipedia

Q: Dear Ana and Ravi, I was introduced to your DVDs a couple of months ago and they have made a huge impact on my life. THANK YOU.

I have been practicing different forms of meditation and yoga for about two years, but nothing moves me the way kundalini yoga does. In trying to find more about it, I of course went to the Wiki page for Kundalini and I read something that kind of scared me:

"However, like every form of energy one must also learn to understand spiritual energy...."
'Because of what they have read on the internet I have friends who are afraid to practice Kundalini. What do you think of this"

A: Thanks for writing. Based on your own experience and verified by the millions of people who use Kundalini Yoga daily to stay healthy happy and inspired: "...nothing moves me the way kundalini yoga does."

Its important to understand that Wikipedia is by no means an authoritative body of knowledge. It is simply a conglomeration of people\'s opinions, sometimes the most extreme ones. It seems that whoever has the obsessive energy to post most, has the final say! This type of personality is certainly not the best source of information! What you cited is sort of an urban myth which is actually based on the politics of control. In Hinduism, high caste Brahmans have traditionally dictated terms. Only high caste Brahmans were allowed to read and translate scriptures, etc., and just like in many other religions they wanted to serve as intermediaries between people and direct spiritual experience.

The extent to which otherwise rational people (psychotherapists, etc.) are willing to jump on the \'kundalini is dangerous,\' bandwagon is interesting. There is not one documented case in medical literature of any type of physiological evidence for the existence of \"Kundalini Syndrome.\"

We can categorically state that it is perfectly safe to proceed full speed ahead with your Kundalini Yoga practice. We can also state that it is actually far more dangerous NOT to practice it! Listen to your body and follow your heart if there are any technical points for which you need guidance, please let us know.