Kundalini Syndrome

In our combined 40 years of teaching Kundalini Yoga we have never come across anyone who claimed to be in the throes of Kundalini Syndrome which wasn't actually something more prosaic.

We feel that what is known as Kundalini Syndrome, as described on the internet and in certain books, is really the misinterpretation of a wide range of symptoms from hypoglycemia and allergic sensitivity, to bipolar disorder and heavy metal toxicity, to electromagnetic pollution and \\\"medical students disease (thinking that you are manifesting the symptoms of every pathology you read about)!\\\"

We feel that the 'interesting' experiences people describe relate to the process of working through energy and emotional blocks, and that invariably it would be a misnomer to label those experiences 'Kundalini Syndrome' or 'Kundalini energy.'

Kundalini, in its true definition, is a healing energy which promotes balance and fulfillment. Kundalini can be defined as the basic bio-energy in nature, and A Universal archetype in the growth of the psyche. Kundalini Yoga is designed to strengthen the nervous system, glandular system, while balancing the emotions and healing the psyche, to create a more well balanced, effective, and happier, more fit person.

There are a number of checks and balances built into Kundalini Yoga so that the practitioner never accesses more energy then they can gracefully accommodate. Every exercise and meditation strengthens the nervous system, glandular system, emotions, and more, to create a more well balanced, effective, and happier individual.

We advise people with regard to Kundalini Yoga: it is actually more dangerous NOT to do it. Kundalini Yoga provides the tools to live healthy, happy, and fulfilled - and to realize one's potential and greatness.

In summation, it could be said that individuals citing negative experiences are actually experiencing the absence of Kundalini energy or the extent to which their life energy is blocked. Invariably these people are helped immensely by practicing Kundalini Yoga.

Again, it is very common to go through a physical and emotional detox at the onset of a Kundalini Yoga practice, especially if your previous lifestyle had some less than healthy aspects. We recommend that a person do Navel Chakra work (on our Navel Power DVD and all of the other titles) . The Navel Chakra is the most important chakra because it gathers energy and distributes it to all the other chakras so that Kundalini energy can flow the way its meant to. In addition, a strong Navel Chakra gives a person the will to move forward with energy, maintain discipline, and be fearless.

Hi Ana,
This is a little lengthy, but would appreciate your time.

I found your dvd's and have been practicing with them for a few years. I have found the work to be wonderful in many ways. My left brain often does overtime and I have found your version of KY to be very helpful in getting me more centered and peaceful.

I have found an interesting thing happening in the last few weeks though. Now i will qualify this by saying that life has brought some intense stress over the past year and I have been working to learn how to process it in a healthy way (thru KY and other techniques that focus on healthy thinking). While I have found some very sweet times of clarity and openness, I have often found myself rather overwhelmed with some more negative feelings surfacing. Stuff I never realized was down in there. This I understand will happen when we do work on ourselves and I am okay with it. I can be patient and welcome what will lead me toward wholeness. However, some of these thoughts have been kind of disturbing and unusual for me. In addition, I've been starting to find myself feeling kind of confused, listless, lost, struggling to stay focused and frankly a little scared (thoughts like - "am i losing it?") I have started doing workouts more frequently over the last 4 weeks or so and this is when much of this has seemed to greatly intensify.

I have been just trying to go with it, and see how it all unfolds, but today I read some comments about 'awakening the kundalini energy' that kind of freaked me out. A few yoga teachers even commented that KY should only be done under the direct supervision of a guru because of the danger of entering into some pretty unstable psychological states.

I found this unexpectedly unsettling. So, I went and ate a healthy breakfast to get my blood sugar on an even keel (i was reading before eating! :P), I looked at your archives on the Raviana site and was somewhat comforted by your comments on this topic.

I am willing to continue my practice (I honestly questioned whether to keep going!) - I truly love the workouts and how they make me feel overall -- but i must say that the 'symptoms' I read about felt so familiar that it scared me. I wondered if i was accessing something that I shouldn't or that I’m not ready for. I couldn't imagine that you guys would be leading anyone into something that could be dangerous for them. I love the way that you bring this practice down to earth, so to speak, and approach health holistically. I don't want to get bogged down in any kind of spiritual dogma. I just want to be "healthy and happy" and to manifest the best possible version of myself in this world.

Food for thought. Open and inviting any further comments you might have. Thanks! K


Dear K,

Thanks for writing so eloquently about what you're going through. Please be assured that, as you speculated, what you are experiencing is a normal part of the process of the work on ourselves.Many people are so unaccustomed to "feeling their feelings," that when they start to "process the process," it's a bit more dramatic then they're used to. Winston Churchill's quote, "If you're going through hell, keep going." is apt here. Although Kundalini Yoga is overall a graceful path, not meant to be hellish in any sense of the word, it is important to remember that when we work on ourselves there will be inevitably be some discomfort involved. In the greater scheme of things it's a blessing of course, because what all this leads to is health, happiness, and a life well lived. Please disregard the kinds of things you read on the internet about "Kundalini Syndrome," etc. Kundalini Yoga is the most graceful, exact, and fulfilling path we've found. The people who practice it reflect its power and beauty. We hope that you will be inspired to keep up with your practice. You might consider doing an 11-31 min. meditation daily. We recommend the Sa-Ta-Na-Ma Meditation which is our Yoga Quick Fixes and Yoga House call DVD's. That technique will ease your passage through this stage of your development.

Please note that Kundalini Yoga in strenghthening the nervous system, balancing the glandular system, and focusing the mind gives us a degree of control and strength in our lives that most people don't know is possible.

Joy, health, and blessings!
Ana & Ravi


Ana (& Ravi) - thanks so much for your gentleness and your encouraging words. I will press through - what else is there to do? (oh - a rhyme!) Anyway, I sure hope to hear that you guys will be in NorCal at some point in time - I would love to meet and be in class with you. Perhaps circumstances would line up for me to get to a retreat on the eastern end of the state ... :) In any case back at you with joy, health and blessings!



I just wanted to send you a quick update... I don't expect you would remember my initial letter to you (above) - I'm sure the fan mail is overwhelming -- but I just finished doing the Yoga Flow Bootcamp and am flying high, so I thought, what better time to drop you a quick note to gush for a moment and to say THANK YOU BOTH!!!

Raviana KY has truly saved my life --and now you have a fan and a practitioner for life! I have been doing your workouts for about three years now and I just want to thank you guys for what you do. Your workouts are transforming my mind, body and spirit like nothing else I've ever done. I increasingly find that I have more energy, strength and courage than ever before to do and complete the things that I desire to do. I regularly find the grace and nerve to push through challenges into opportunity and reward! My hubby (best friend and lover of 30 years) tells me I'm hotter than ever, which ain't bad either! Life is great and I am blessed. You have played a part. Isn't that fun?!

BTW, I recently purchased and have been practicing both new workouts (KY Yoga Flow Boot Camp and Body Electric) for several weeks now and I LOVE THEM BOTH!! Ringin' those bells, makin' the eight minutes, grinning the whole way.

Time for lunch!! Love to you both!