The Kundalini Experience

Little Green Men on Your Yoga Mat

Over the years we've heard everything. Once someone told us that, as they were meditating in our class, the wall behind us became a three dimensional scene and they saw George Washington crossing the Delaware. On another occasion someone told us that they saw little green men cavorting on their yoga mat. People often write to us and want to tell us about a particular "Kundalini," experience they've had. They're usually hoping for us to confirm that, 'Yes, thats a Kundalini experience all right. You, dear friend, are enlightened.'

It's understandable. Who doesn't crave some magic in their lives? Everyone wants something transcendent, fabulous, and unprecedented to light up their lives. Everyone wants to be lifted out of the 'same old, same old,' and be free of everything. When most people envision a "Kundalini Experience," they think of their bodies brimming with liquid light and their consciousness rocketing into the ethers where they become one with everything. If that type of experience happens to you congratulations, but there is a big BUT which qualifies it. Experiences like that are only real in retrospect. That means that it's not the experience itself which matters so much as what you do about it.

Often people who purport to have had a "Kundalini Awakening," are often struggling in other areas of their lives and are in need of a ray of hope or a form of escape. We all want to be singled out as special (that's probably why the most record holders in the Guiness Book of World records are from India. It's so easy to get lost in the crowd there), but what's important is not whether other people give us attention (that is usually a double edged sword), what matters is that the Universe shines a spotlight on us. Then we're getting somewhere.

A true Kundalini Experience makes us more accountable, not less. The old model of giving oneself over to something beyond, and "surrendering," is not what's really necessary to walk a Spiritual Path. What is necessary is that you find a way to set up your life so that the your inner and outer aspirations support each other. To be Spiritual is to be Real. If you're a hiker or mountaineer you know that coming down off of a mountain is often more laborious than the climb up, but down is where we need to eventually return to. That's where living takes place.

Kundalini magnifies whatever we do, think, or aspire to. In Kundalini Yoga we use a strong base of mantra. Sat Nam means the True You. And what gets magnified is our authentic Self. The part of us which never goes out of style.

Bells & Whistles

We are so embedded in these bodies and in this dense world, but it is possible to liberate ourselves from these shackles. But it takes work. Nothing is for free. As long as we inhabit these bodies and live on this earth, we are accountable and are here for a reason. The reason we are here is to matriculate through experience, grow our souls, and help others do the same. Kundalini is the energy in us which inspires us to rise to our potential and experience true Freedom. Kundalini has no limits and neither does our potential. Both are in and of Infinity. The Kundalini Experience is purposeful living in the presence of energy.

In the beginning of your Kundalini Yoga practice it is possible that some flashy inner experiences can occur. To some extent it's the Powers That Be letting you know that you're on the right path. More often than not, what's going on is an initial clearing of energy channels. It's not the top rung of the ladder, it's the first rung! It's the start of a process which can often take years. The true Kundalini Experience is not so much a great Cosmic Whoosh. It occurs by degrees. One day you wake up and everything is clear, you are firing on all cylinders, your mental discipline is firm, you see connections, and there is a light behind everything. All of that is meant to be a given for all of us, but like a rare orchid, it is something which we have to look after every day, by keeping our practice strong.

Tragically Hype

Your take home message? Don't let yourself be mislead by things you've read in books. People who write books often like to dramatize things in an effort to sell more books. Everyone wants to separate themselves from the pack. Let your own experience provide the answers you seek. Deal with what's in front of you and keep your practice strong. Kundalini is the Yoga of Awareness. If you practice it, it won't let you down. Through your practice you will also have amazing adventures in consciousness. Try to refrain from talking about them though. People have no frame of reference for something which they haven't experienced. Live your experiences! Let your radiance say it all. We all have a longing for the miraculous but it's important to ground everything into the every day. Very often you will come to realize that spirit has blessed you in amazing ways and miracles have become a way of life.

It may take dedicated lifetimes to clear away the dross of lifetimes, bring your mind under conscious control, and liberate consciousness. Then again, through a really devoted practice, all of that could happen this very second if you let yourself be constantly aware. Let your goal be to have no expectations and to be aware of Awareness now. Don't worry about having a "Kundalini Experience," let Kundalini experience you (magnify your unique greatness).

If you have had a bona fide Spiritual Experience, it's nothing less than a Gift of Grace. Each gift entails a responsibility. That means to take the energy and insights you've garnered and use them to heal, uplift, and inspire. Nothing less will do. A True Spiritual Experience is where your Destiny begins, not ends!