Kirtan Kriya (Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation)

Sit with a straight spine.
Meditate at the Brow Point.

Chant the mantra Sa, Ta, Na, Ma

This is the cycle of Creation and it means: Existence, Life, Transformation, Rebrith

Each repetition of the entire mantra takes 3 to 4 seconds.
On SA, connect your index fingertips and thumb tips
On TA, touch your middle fingertips and thumbtips
On NA, touch the ring fingertips and thumbtips
On MA, touch the little fingertips and thumbtips

Begin this Meditation in a normal voice for 5 minutes;
then whisper for 5 minutes; then go deep into the sound,
vibrating silently for 10 minutes.
Then come back to a whisper for 5 minutes, then aloud for 5 minutes.

To end: inhale deeply as you raise your arms straight up. Hold the breath and stretch.
Still holding the breath shake your arms a few times. Then relax the breath , lower your
arms and meditate in silence for at least 1 min.

Throughout the Meditation as given above, feel the sound of the consonants (S,T,N, M)
coming in through the top of your head. Feel the "ah" sound projecting on a parallel
plane out the brow.

This Meditation is deceptively simple but is amazing for emotional healing, brain balancing,super-abundant creativity, and inner uplift.