Injuries. Kundalini while sidelined with an injury

First, it is important that you ask your doctor what you can and cannot do. Then consult your good old common sense which will probably tell you to avoid anything that places stress on the injured area. Upper body work is the safest bet for lower body injuries (examples would be the Awaken Your Senses segment on our Solar Power DVD as well as the Born Free segment on our Kundalini Yoga Transformer DVD) and if your upper body is the problem, lower body work is the safest bet (plenty of this on our Yoga for Beginners & Beyond: Stretch, Strengthen, & Be Stress Free, and Yoga Boot Camp). Our Kundalini Yoga Meditation DVD has many meditations and breathing exercises which will ensure speedy healing. We also recommend the Sitali Pranayam Breath Technique (under "S" in the A-Z Health Archive). Get better fast!

Arnica Cream (topical), homeopathic arnica (taken immediately after injury, EFA's,tumeric either in cooking or via capsule. MSM, will also be helpful.