Hyperthyroid Testimonial

In June'08 when I went for my annual medical checkup and a routine blood work - the blood reports indicated that I had Hypothyroidism.

My doctor gave me a prescription of Synthoid (thyroid hormone
replacement) which I had to take 1 tabled a day in the morning for a
lifetime. I was devastated.

I did not want to start any medications that I had to take for a lifetime. and hence thought of exploring some alternatives for another 6 months to an year and then start the synthyroid only if the natural alternatives fail.

After endless Googling day and night, I came up with these reasonable
alternatives which I could try over the next one year:
(1) Fat free yoga - this DVD - thanks to another reviewer (Amber) who suggested that this could cure Hypothyroidism
(2) Increasing Selenium intake - Brazil nuts are a rich natural source of Selenium

This is exactly how I implemented my own research:
(1) Fat free yoga -> Full 90 minutes of workout (all the workout routines in this DVD) -> Once a week (yes ! only once a week) since I had a busy lifestyle and dedicating 90 minutes a day would have been difficult

(2) Fat free yoga
-> First 25 minutes of the workout ('Breath Primer', 'tune in', 'Start your engines') -> Twice a week

(3) Brazil nuts
-> Consuming about 3 to 4 slightly roasted brazil nuts day as a part of my breakfast cereal -> 4 times a week

Results - 1st round
To track progression, I took a Thyroid test 6 months later and found that my Thyroid activity had improved. TSH levels had improved from 5.3 to 4.2. Borderline, but not ideal

I continued to follow the exercise routine in the same frequency

Results - 2nd round
I went for my next annual medical checkup and blood work in July'08. The doctor gave me an strange look when I mentioned that I am not taking Synthyroid, he ordered a comprehensive thyroid test (Thyroid panel test) which will not only test TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone), but also T3 and T4 which are the actual Thyroid hormones.

When the results came out, not only was I floored, but the doctor was in total disbelief :) My TSH stood at 2.7, compared to 5.3 an year back. My T3 and T4 thyroid hormones looked in a perfectly normal range !

Other benefits
Like the other reviewers have mentioned that the DVD is very well done,good voice over, Excellent music that goes well with the exercises. The innovative MATRIX system which was very helpful to pick and choose the exercises.

It helped me improve my energy levels, my cardio-vascular functioning,lose weight ...

More about Thyroid numbers
What is T3 and T4 ?
These are your main thyroid hormones. T4 is Thyroxine and T3 is triiodothyronine. A 'normal' thyroid test does not test for T3 and T4, ask your doctor/lab to test for T3/T4 in addition to TSH for a comprehensive test

What is TSH ?
Your body secretes a hormone known as TSH - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, it is like an email sent by your body to your thyroid to produce more thyroid hormones (T3 & T4)performing. If the TSH is more, it means that your thyroid is not doing its job and your body is sending more emails (TSH) requesting the thyroid to secrete more

A few precautions
-->Some of the exercise involves a lot of neck movement for thyroid. You want to be careful and take it slow and easy else you might hurt your neck. Do not overdo, anything for that matter. Infact, in one of the exercise, the narrator - Ravi Singh mentions that it is ok if your
neck feels uncomfortable, but not painful : Very important point.

-->Finally the disclaimer !! I am not a medical doctor hence this is not medical advice. My only intention is to share my research and help others, just like other reviewers have shared their knowledge which has
helped me !