Humming on All Chakras

The chakra system represents the complete spectrum of the human experience. There are two ways to work on the chakras: inside/out, and outside/in. Inside/out entails doing the life and feeling work required to make your outer life consistent with the positive poles of each of the chakras. Outside/in entails doing the specific Kundalini Yoga and Meditation techniques which support this process. The following list consists of affirmations for each of the chakras. Each number relates to the corresponding chakra. Take these words to heart and soul and turn your life into a testing ground for Chakra Bliss!

1. The First Chakra is the show me state. Your life is proof of concept. Are you tough enough to take a hard look at what is? Don't get so far ahead of yourself, that you can't get firmly behind yourself and push!

2. Are you ready for an adventure? Within reason, fling caution to the wind and flare. Those who dare have more fun. When in doubt dance. Your signature style is a natural extension of the true you. It's not something you have to try for. Simply live your colors.

3. To demonstrate success in all of the essential vectors of life: health, relationships, financial security, and Spirit: apply some fierce focus, and indefatigable will to start the ball rolling toward positive outcomes. For the rest of today, can you say to yourself, "Yes, I will," and then keep up through tomorrow, and on and on..?

4. Can you communicate with someone and feel their feelings as if they were your own? Love is giving with no judgments. Ecstasy means you have nothing left to prove. Then there is more of you to go around. In the Name of Love, be a conduit for Love itself.

5. The power of your words and creative concepts (what you project for) can make you a Master Manifester. Also, can you be true? Then do what you say. Let your powerful pronouncements vibrate all worlds.

6. Your mind is incisive and decisive. It strips away layers of murkiness tirelessly, until it arrives at what's really real. Transparency, unbending
intent, nuances gleaned toward Direct Knowing. Keep your focus fiercely.

7. Don't worry, be expansive! Be secure in the fact that the Universe has your back. You have a Cosmic expense account. Your boss is a doting family member. All you have to do is show up to seal the deal. Life is an easy ride, even when it isn't.

8. Don't wait to be discovered, discover yourself! Get out there and let your presence speak volumes. Your radiance is voluminous, positively luminous!