How to Decide What Kriya or Meditation to Practice?

Q: Greetings. I'm just loving your book! It's an absolute masterpiece. I have many many yoga books and this is absolutely my favorite. I've done a few practices since I got it and am just blown away. I will use this book daily for teaching and practicing. It's also fun and beautiful and a work of art. In fact, I'm going to get another one for my coffee table! Speaking of coffee, I've been trying to wean myself off of that and also some other less than healthy addictions. I am wondering if there is something for addictive behavior you can recommend from your book. Also is it best to stick with one practice for awhile or can I do a variety. I love variety! Guess my question is: how do I zone in on the exact right thing for me. Thanks! Sat Nam....Blessings.. Thanks for your kind words. We're so glad to hear that you're enjoying the book! We suggest that you refer to Chapter 5: Tune In Keep Up Rise Up: How to Use This Book. Re: addictive behavior: We suggest the Sitting on Top of the World Meditation on page 309. Also, Kirtan Kriya on page 339. In addition the chapter on Navel Power will be helpful. When the urge for that thing is greatest press your tongue against the upper palate and give yourself a pep talk. Another thing you can do in the moment is to inhale, hold the breath, feel the desire as acutely as you can, and then slowly exhale and let the desire dissipate with it. Do that as many times as you need to. Your great question brings up something we feel very strongly about and that is helping people navigate Kundalini Yoga's encyclopedic amount of content to find something that is most relevant and effective for their needs. After all, we're all time challenged so we want to practice those things that work best. Everything in Kundalini Yoga leads to the same place: a global effect of optimization. This is based on the fact that as soon as we begin to meditate, breathe, focus, move, balance, rejoice, chant, and remember to remember, our body and being begin to come back to balance and healing starts to happen. Just as a sailboat is weighted so that if it capsizes it will more often than not right itself, our body and mind also will come back to balance given any pretext. Kundalini Yoga initiates the ultimate healing prompt. Your understanding of what works most powerfully for any given issue will come, but what works best is to delve into what you feel a resonance with. Then do those practices with devotion and dedication. Kundalini Yoga is a veritable treasure chest. Overall, it's better to work on one thing and really master it rather than skipping around and trying various techniques. One of my (Ana) go to methods is the first three exercises from Ravi's classes: segmented breath exercise, stomach circles, and spine flex. Just these three little warmups always seem to click the switch to take me from mundane existence to a state of energy and bliss. It's amazing how they work on their own but also prime the body to receive the magic effects of whatever kriya will follow. But I also have come to love the amazingly vast variety in Kundalini Yoga! The point I'm trying to make is that whatever you pick for your practice will work for you. Here are just a sampling of techniques that are multi-faceted and awesome multi-taskers. If you are ready to heal yourself and to elevate and put a negative habit or pattern behind you, if you feel that enough is enough and want to take a stand to be new, just pick one technique and go for it. It will definitely do right by you. Maha Mudra on page XII The Lighthouse Meditation on page 37 Breath Meditation to Eliminate Stress and Self-Bless on page 77 Sat Kriya on page 148 and elsewhere Solar Charger Breath Meditation on page 199 Activating the Shushumna page 214 See the Unseen! on page 237 Not only will these things initiate a healing process, but they will hone your awareness to help you receive the exact information you require to turn everything around. Be open. Be receptive. And believe in yourself as a beautiful being inside and out!