How to Be a Kundalini Cat

All cat lovers know that our whiskered friends are mystical creatures who walk in two worlds. They embody the qualities and traits that every one of us yogis can utilize. Here are qualities that our four-pawed buds embody that every yogi can appreciate.


You never see a cat wake up from a catnap without doing something to reorient in their body again. They stretch, they roll. They even may flip quickly to their feet and break into a stretchy Down Dog. What-ever gets them into their physical vehicle quickly. This priming of their physical body keeps them agile and ready to pounce on every kitty opportunity (or mouse) in a millisecond. We start almost every Kundalini Yoga session with grinds and flexes with the same thought in mind-to get us out of our heads and into our bodies quickly!


Cats are so full of grace that they are sometimes called the ballerinas of the animal world. Still, we have all seen the hilarious YouTube videos featuring cats' not so graceful moments. Yet, even after an embarrassing pratfall, a cat picks itself off and stalks off with dignity, or pretending that it meant to do exactly that! They quickly remind themselves that they are descended from royalty and do a quick return to their unruffled state of grace. A cat's royal bearing also comes from the way they listen to their own cues (seemingly heeding no one else's!). As yogis we should also remember our divine origins as we work through awkward and difficult moments during the important work on ourselves-on our yoga mats and in life. Even as we are dredging up the dross while doing our So Darshan Chakra Kriya, etc., let's simultaneously occupy the throne of Self and master (own) all that we inwardly survey.

Fierce Feline Focus

When a cat hones in on a mouse, beetle, bird, or snaky piece of string, the rest of the world doesn't exist until the hunt is done. Fierce focus gives us balance. A waiting-to-pounce cat may seem in a state of inertness, but this state of high focus and ready balance primes them to move quickly in any direction. Good focus skills also keep us truly engaged in our practice. This keeps boredom at bay until the energy starts flowing and accelerates our physical and spiritual growth.


Cats are always up for some playtime and seize upon it whenever they get the opportunity. It's important for us as well to be down for some creative use of our time that isn't 100% goal-oriented. Unless that goal is more relaxation and joy in life. Sign us up! Also when at play we are most truly ourselves, free from worrying about judgments and inhibitions. In this carefree state of innocence, creativity comes and heralds its presence with little miracles and cosmic coincidences that fall like fluffy snow.

Sets Good Boundaries

Cats embody their place and know their territory and let you know very clearly when you're overstepping your bounds. Directness is a quality of the fifth (throat chakra). A strong throat chakra means communication with no diversion. Just straight up what needs to be said. Singing, speaking up, meowing and purring (and perhaps hissing) are all good throat chakra strengtheners.

Highly Intuitive

Cats have well-developed Third Eyes. They know exactly what's happening in their territory as well as around it. They are finely tuned to their environments and clearly perceive the dimensions super-imposed on this one as well as thought forms, entities, and the colors of our emotions and health. They routinely filter things for the people in their lives to protect them. Cats see what is even if it's unseen. They teach us yogi's to tune in to the most subtle striations of being.


Cats show their appreciation by leaving thoughtful gifts. This may take the form of a dead sparrow in your shoe closet where a cat knows you keep your most highly regarded possessions! When we pass on our appreciation to those we are close to through conscious caring it lets them know that they are in our thoughts and hearts. This is also the highest form of karma yoga because it boosts people's morale and inspires them to pass on the love.


Cats blossom where they're planted and make the best of their environments whether it be a small studio apartment in NYC, the streets of Naples, Italy, or on a farm near Wallingford, Vermont. A yogi also blossoms in every environment they are in: on a mountaintop or even in prison. For instance, when Ghandi was in arrested, he taught yoga to all the other inmates.