Hormonal Balance / Fertility

Q: \"Dear Ravi and Ana, I am very interested in your kundalini dvds. Could you please advise which ones would be best for increasing a woman\'s fertility and which ones are best for promoting ovulation, regulating an irregular menstrual cycle and balancing (and increasing) hormones.

Also, could you please advise where I can purchase Tocos and whether there are any other fertility promoting products that you provide. Many thanks!\"

A; Thanks for writing. For increasing fertility and promoting ovulation we suggest the Potency and Fertility segment on our Yoga House Call DVD. For regulating an irregular menstrual cycle and balancing (and increasing) hormones we suggest Fat Free Yoga, Yoga Beauty Body, and of course our Happy Hormones DVD. The Sa-Ta-Na-Ma Meditation on Yoga House Call, practiced with the focus of the eyes 1/10 open looking down and in towards the tip of the nose,done for 31 min. per day (Sa-Ta-Na-Ma as instructed: 5 min. out loud, 5 min whisper, 10 min silent, 5 min. whisper, 5 min. out loud) is an amazing practice to balance one\'s menstrual cycle. The Sa-Ta-Na-Ma variation on Yoga Beauty Body done for 11 min. can also be very helpful in that regard. The exercises on our Yoga for Beginners & Beyond: Stretch, Strengthen, Be Stress Free DVD, are also very helpful for fertility.

Tocos, and the Peruvian herb maca are very good for hormonal balance and fertility. The herb chasteberry (vitex) is also great for hormonal balance. Live-live.com has tocos and maca. You can google chasteberry aka vitex to find out where to buy it.