Holiday Light

From chestnuts roasting on an open fire to visions of sugarplums, 'tis the season to exercise some reason and keep it light so the reason for the season can manifest in you. Here are some tips to keep it light!

Holiday Body:

1. Water water water, especially the day of any indulging, to help insure against dehydration from sugar, salt and/or alcohol. Stress, socializing, and talking a lot cause dehydration too! Water is important the day after as well, so you detox more quickly and help prevent rebound cravings

2. Don't go hungry, whip up a protein smoothie to keep energy and will power high. Travel much? Consider giving yourself a pre-holiday gift of a personal smoothie mixer you can travel with! Another diet tip: In between social events have a salad as your main course at dinner. Not just any salad, but one full of healthy add-ins such as hemp seeds, chewy dulse or nori, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, and olives, etc.

christmas tree 200 calorie protein shake:
1/2 cup almond milk, 2 Tbls protein powder (vanilla or chocolate) we like Sun Warrior Raw, half a frozen banana, few romaine leaves 3-4 ice cubes(the romaine is optional, but why not add a little green chlorophyll power!)

3. Balance your hormones with hormone balancing sets (Fat Free Yoga, Yoga Beauty Body, and Kundalini Yoga Flow Bootcamp come to mind): doing the sets with gusto will help stimulate even more of the fat burning hormones which also give us a sense of well being and peace to prevent binge eating.

4. And from Mom: always get up from the table feeling like you "could have eaten just a little bit more." Learn to love the feeling of energy. What feels better: healthy and energized, or stuffed? Nothing tastes as good as healthy and energized feels!

Holiday Mind:

1. Mercury is in retrograde which makes it a good time to consolidate, plan, and organize. Streamline your stuff. Divesting yourself of all of the things you've accumulated over time can lead to some inner clearing as well. if you haven't worn/used an article of clothing, piece of sports equipment, or As Seen on TV gadget, in 5 years. Get rid of it. Donate it to your local Goodwill. A clean tidy environment will make you feel more relaxed and able to cope all season.

2. Be seasoned. Deal with each thing as it arises. You can easily feel overwhelmed if you begin to anticipate all that you have yet to do, all that could possilby go wrong, all that you may have forgotten to do yet again. Forget it! Take a step back and breath and then deal with each thing as it comes.

3. Rethink expectations. Things might go wrong. Let them! Have a laugh about them. Often its these little mishaps which create the best memories!

4. Let everyone be themselves. So what if Uncle Ernie always drinks too much and ends up asleep on the sofa with drool running down his chin. Thats just Ernie being Ernie.

Holiday Spirit:

1. Ghosts of Christmases Past - Why is it that despite some people's best intentions, they always seem to get drawn in to the same dsyfunctional dynamic with their families? You may find yourself an unwilling actor in a family script which has taken decades to write. You also may be harboring unrealistic expectations. But, in the end our grievances will only cause US grief. The real answer is that we have to give our- selves what we need. This is the maturation process which takes us from being a gift taker to a gift giver. It's called growing up. So, just toss that chip on your shoulder into the Yule log fire! What's called for is Meditative Mind, Neutrality, Acceptance, Witness Consciusness, Compassion, and the willingness to take a step back and be Non-Reactive. When people see how well balanced and graceful you can be, they often come to the realization that they can be that way too! Not taking the emotional bait, when your strong inclination is to do so, is more of a yogic attainment then Scorpion Pose!

2. Tough to keep up your regular exercise/yoga/meditation schedule? Sad to say but often our bodies, and especially our minds are like naughty children: Give them an inch and they take a mile! We have to be our own parenst/life coaches/nurturers, here. Most hikable mountains have a couple trails. One is a short stiff hike straight up. The other widely zig-zags. Both eventually get to the top! Do your practice when you can. Break it up! 15 minutes in the AM, 15 in the PM. Or just 15 minutes for the day can keep you fit! Keeping up your practice when things are hectic gives you a sense of well-being and security so you are less likely to succumb to holiday stressors or binging. All of our DVDs have options for shorter workouts (such as Fat Free Yoga, Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond, Yoga Quick Fixes...)

3. Despite best intentions missed too many workouts and now can't seem to get your motor going? Just plan to do it at the very next opportunity. When your intention is strong, absence makes the will grow stronger! Get up earlier if necessary. Go for a walk before you do your yoga. This will get your energy going and give you forward momentum.

Spread the Holiday Light

Consider visiting a rest home or other institution where you feel some people would really benefit from a cheerful visit from you!
Also, if possible, invite someone whom you know will be alone for the holidays to a celebration with you and family.

Home Alone?

If you find yourself alone, celebrate in a way which has meaning for you. We suggest you do some yoga and a special extended meditation. Prepare something new for yourself for each meal and savor the flavors. Rent some favorite movies. Make it meaningful for you. Whatever you do, don't feel sorry for yourself. All possibilities are open to you. The whole Universe is with you and no matter what you may think, no one is having more fun then you are. Beauty and blessings are everywhere and sometimes the only times we can appreciate them is when we can spend some quiet time with ourselves.