High Blood Pressure

Breath of Fire can be helpful in purifying the blood and giving the body the means to regulate itself. It can help clear arterial walls and increases circulation throughout the body. It's important to make sure you are doing it in a relaxed manner. If you are new to Breath of Fire and can't do it for extended periods comfortably than do it slower and lighter and be careful never to strain.

If you have high blood pressure, avoid breath retention for extended periods(more than 10 seconds at a time)

3-11 minutes a day of inhaling left nostril and exhaling right nostril would be helpful, as well as the Sa Ta Na Ma meditation on Yoga Quick Fixes.

Overall, we would recommend Fat Free Yoga as the best DVD for someone with high blood pressure. Especially the "Hands Like a Teapot" meditation near the end. Try to do at least 15 min. of a meditation from any of our DVD's for each hour of physical yoga you do. Other DVD's we recommend are: Yoga Beauty Body, Navel Power, Yoga for Beginners & Beyond: Stretch, Strengthen, Be Stress Free, Am/Pm Yoga, and Ultimate Stretch Workout

If you have high blood pressure cut down on your sodium intake. Garlic in any form can be helpful in lowering high blood pressure. Also, nutmeg is a traditional cure for high blood pressure. It is a very potent substance so check with your doctor first!

Be sure that you are eating foods with a ratio of twice as many omega 3 fatty acids relative to omega 6's. An EFA (essential fatty acid) supplement with mostly omega 3's can be very helpful. If your high blood pressure doesn't improve with natural methods please consult a physician.