Hepatitis C

Kundalini Yoga can be very beneficial in dealing effectively with hepatitis C. We do recommend letting your health care practitioner know the exercise and lifestyle modifications you plan to make.

We recommend our Yoga Cleanse DVD which focuses on the liver. We also recommend the \"Immune Strengthening\" set from our Yoga House Call DVD. Also, the \"Digestible You\" segment on our Yoga Quick fixes DVD will be very helpful, specifically the leg lift exercise on that segment which stimulates the liver to rebuild and cleanse itself.

All the breathing in Kundalini Yoga, in its ability to oxygenate the body and purify the blood will also make a huge difference. The AM segment on our AM/PM Yoga DVD features continuous Breath of Fire throughout many exercises.

Conditions such as hepatitis C actually offer an opportunity to refine ones lifestyle and to ultimately be healthier then they might have been otherwise. We recommend an organic vegetarian diet. We suggest also abstaining from meat, alcohol, chemical additives and excessive sugar. There are many supplements that will be helpful including antioxidants, EFA\'s, silymarin, and grapefruit seed extract. We have heard that the homeopathic approach is also promising. One day a week your boyfriend might consider going on a steamed daikon radish fast with only water or herb tea to drink. This will also help to cleanse and rebuild the liver.

What we have presented are the kinds of things that many have found can keep hepatitis C under control for a lifetime. There are claims made for ozone Therapy which indicate that it can eradicate hepatitis C completely (this works on the same principle as the Kundalini Yoga breathing practices). We cannot substantiate these claims for ozone therapy but you might want to investigate this website: http://www.dr-gonzalez.com/. It does not mention hepatitis C specifically but we know that this is one of the conditions that Ozone therapy and Dr. Gonzalez claim to have helped counteract in his patients.