Hair Loss

When treating hair loss it's best to try to ascertain the root cause. In most cases we have seen, if hair loss is not a genetic or dietary in origin, it is often hormonal. Stress can play a part as well so addressing hair loss on the emotional level is also key.

Hormones and thyroid health are important for healthy hair. We recommend practicing our Yoga Beauty Body and Fat Free Yoga DVD's, especially the LIfe Is In Your Own Glands segment. We also recommend that you extend the Hands Like A Teapot Meditation on Fat Free Yoga to 11 min. each day. Am/Pm Yoga would also be a great choice. The PM Meditation done before bed would be a great anti-stress technique.

We recommend that you do at least one of our DVD workouts per day as well as the 11 min. meditation given above. Another cause of hair loss could be heavy metal toxicity and not absorbing nutrients properly. If you haven't already, we also suggest that you eliminate wheat; alcohol and caffeine, simple sugars and artificial sweeteners; soft drinks and carbonated beverages; fried, barbecued, and processed foods; food additives, canned and salted foods, dried fruits, preservatives, coloring agents, flavorings, MSG, and yeast. Specifically, your diet should include good-quality protein (the building block of our cells including hair) from vegetarian sources (such as lentils, nuts, seeds) and from fish and eggs (optional). Your diet should also include nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables such as berries and leafy green vegetables (preferably organic). Excellent nutrition will help grow and nourish not only hair but also skin.

We also recommend the following supplements:

Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Vitamin D
Coenzyme Q 10
L- Cysteine
Vitamin C

Yoga lore also cites a strong navel chakra conducive to hair re-growth. People have reported that gray hair turns back to its original color when the navel chakra is strengthened. We recommend our Navel Power DVD or any of the Navel Chakra practices form our other DVD's.