Graves Disease

e-mail from someone who benefited from Fat Free Yoga:

"That said, I was recently (about 2.5 years ago) diagnosed with an overactive thyroid due to Graves Disease. Graves Disease is an autoimmune disorder which launches an attack on my poor thyroid causing it to work too hard. I have taken anti-thyroid medication and seem to have balanced my levels. I have all of your DVDs and practice daily (sometimes twice per day when time permits). My only concern is that since many of the exercises work on the thyroid and immune system, I wonder if I could be over-stimulating where I should not be? I am hoping that my beloved Kundalini with Ana and Ravi is merely modulating my glands and immune system, and not actually stimulating them.

If it is stimulating, should I not be doing this particular type of yoga? I hope that isn't the case, because I love it so much. I feel that it can heal me - in fact, for a moment, a few months after stopping the anti-thyroid medication, my levels started to rise again. My doctor said I needed to go back on the dreaded medication. I asked her to give me one month! She reluctantly agreed and I started doing Kundalini Yoga daily/rigorously. One month later when I checked my levels again, they were balanced and the doctors called off the drug-hounds.\"