Gastro-intestinal: general

Q: About two years ago, I was working at a food and wine event and went out to eat at a famous restaurant. The next morning, I awoke terribly ill. It appeared that I had contacted food poisoning, so I thought nothing about my illness, confident that it would run its course in 2-3 days. Not so. I was unable to eat, had a complete loss of hunger, and felt incredibly distended, nauseated, and even full—all with an empty belly! Whenever I tried to eat, it felt like my body was literally rejecting food, tightening up, and forcing me to be anorexic (how I hate that word!).

After an ER visit, over 5 invasive tests in an endeavor to diagnose my situation, and four G.I. specialists later, I haven’t received any answers. I dropped 20 pounds, and am now an unhealthy 95 pounds! Yes, this is still going on, two years after the fact. All the doctors can come up with is: mild gastritis and non-ulcer dyspepsia.

Well, that just wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted answers and started with acupuncture. Two years of acupuncture have been able to bring me some relief, but not enough to allow me to lead a normal life, free of pain and discomfort. About one month ago, I decided to explore yoga and meditation as a way of healing myself...\"

Ana & Ravis reply:

Thanks for writing. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing such a frustrating health challenge, but we feel that Kundalini Yoga will make a huge difference in your condition. We suggest that you practice this Digestible You segment (daily for a while) on the Yoga Quick Fixes DVD you just ordered. Also, the Immune Booster segment on Yoga House Call will be very helpful. The nausea you feel after practicing indicates that you are detoxing through your liver. That is a good thing! If you do not have it already, you might consider our Yoga Cleanse DVD at some point. Did you ever have a course of strong antibiotics particular to the strain of bacteria you may have ingested? Have you tried taking a hydrochloric acid tablet before meals? That would neutralize any stubborn bacteria in your stomach. Also you might try a product produced by Nature\'s Way: Pepogest. It is an enteric coated peppermint supplement designed to deal with bacteria in the small intestine.

Do you take a really good full spectrum probiotic supplement? We are sure that your healing path will eventually lead to even an even greater degree of health than you had before and in the process you will have become a very knowledgeable yogi, and who knows, maybe even a Teacher/Healer who can help others heal their bodies and lives.

Also, yogically speaking, strengthening the Navel (chakra) Fire is always helpful in cases like this. All of our DVDs have many good Navel Chakra exercises. Please keep us posted and as you garner more information with regard to your condition, let us know and we\'ll continue to help you focus your efforts.

We wish you joy, health, and many blessings!