Focusing at the Third Eye

In Kundalini Yoga, unless otherwise specified, we have our gaze turned up and in towards the brow point (also known as the Third Eye or Ajna Chakra): on a line between the eyebrows, an inch above the bridge of the nose. This stimulates the pituitary gland, provides mental focus, and stimulates the frontal lobe area of the brain. Focusing up at the third eye does get easier over time. Be sure you are keeping your forehead relaxed while trying to gaze towards this point. To modify this have your eyes barely open, looking down and in towards the tip of the nose but not to the extent where it is uncomfortable.

When the eyes are fixed the mind is fixed. Focusing at the Third Eye helps us to pierce the veil of illusion and see what it. Peeople associae the Third Eye with mystical visions and flights of fancy, but actually the Third Eye, when activated helps us to see with crystal clarity. Yogi Bhajan said, when he first came to the US in 1969, that it was more important for him to help people \"close,\" their Third Eyes (develop a laser-like inner focus) than open them.

The Third Eye is also know as the Eye of Shiva (all-seeing).
According to traditional yoga, when the Third Eye is activated, we can know the Unknown, and see the Unseen.

Ajna, as in Ajna Chakra (The Third Eye) means, \"command.\" When the Third Eye is activated we can command our own mind and command a Destiny. It\'s been said that one\'s Destiny is written on one\'s forehead, more accurately, when the Third Eye is activated we can live our life with an overview and navigate easily towards where our Destiny lies.