A regular Kundalini Yoga practice with its emphasis on hormonal balance, nerve strength, de-stressing, energy flow, and \"blessings,\" is the perfect regimen for successful conception.

Exercises that are great for fertility (for both men and women) would include: the \"Fertility & Potency\" segment on our Yoga House Call DVD , the first half of our \"Journey Through the Chakras,\" all of our new \"Yoga For Beginners & Beyond: Stretch Strengthen & Be Stress Free (also great during your pregnancy), Fat Free Yoga, and the Ultimate Stretch Workout. The Mantra sung at the end of Ultimate Stretch Workout is for \"miracles.\" In addition, the Sa Ta Na Ma meditation at the end of Yoga Quick Fixes and Yoga House Call would also be really great to practice. Sa Ta Na Ma is the cycle of life and creation and will put you in harmony with the rhythms of life (as well the breathing meditation at the end of the PM segment on AM/PM Yoga which uses Sa Ta Na Ma mentally). Another great technique is the Adi Shakti chant at the end of Kundalini Yoga for Energy & Super Radiance. This invokes the Feminine Creative Principle. This is a very powerful technique for conscious conception.

Re: Lifestyle & Fertility: A clean, organic, and balanced diet. Supplements in whole food form when possible. Vitamin C, zinc, and folic acid are important.

When you do conceive, please refer to our guidelines and recommendations for Yoga & Pregnancy.

e-mail from a student re: conception: Tues. May 4th 2010

Tuesday May 4th

Dear Ana and Ravi,

I just wanted to send you our thanks. I have tried to get pregnant for many years, but I am facing two challenges: I have adenomyosis, which makes my uterus huge, and my ovaries have started to decline (I am 38). My doctor recommended that we choose surrogacy, as there was little chance that I would get pregnant. We have been fortunate enough to find out a wonderful candidate for being a surrogate mother.

I had three IVF cycles: during the first one I produced five eggs, three fertilized but were of bad quality, so the first transfer didn't work. During the second cycle, I had a very clean diet and did a lot of kundalini yoga (alternating with the DVDs you recommend for fertility). The output was that I got eight eggs, five fertilized, two were transferred and two were frozen. Now we have a lovely baby who is four-month old! During the third one, whichI did to get my eggs frozen as this is a big possibility that my uterus get removed (it is really big and may damage my kidneys) I did exclusively Yoga Beauty Body in the evening, and in the morning the "Your Life is in Your Glands" section and some segments from your other DVDs, for variety. I had 13 eggs, and nine fertilized. My doctor was thrilled, she couldn't believe it! I litterally blossomed :-)

So this is why I am writing to you. I wanted to send you my warmest thanks a long time ago, but now even doing my usual routines is like mission impossible with our baby ;-) Plus I am a little "private", so I didn't want to write this on your facebook page.

With a lot of love,