Fear Response While Holding Breath Out

A sense of panic experienced while holding the breath out is very common. It is actually a fear response. Exercises which entail holding the breath out offer us the opportunity to resolve our deepest fears. If necessary, during that exercise, inhale when you must and exhale immediately and continue in rhythm with the exercise.

Observe yourself during the exercise and do your best to relax when that panic comes on. As you are holding the breath out, consciously relax the diaphragm and ribs. When you feel the need to inhale try exhaling just a little bit more instead. Try the reverse when holding the breath in. You will find it easier to hold the breath out when even more breath is expelled because the left over breath puts pressure on the diaphragm. Try to increase the time that you are able to hold the breath out comfortably. Remember that it is impossible to get all the air out of the lungs (unless a person drowns). Also remember, while holding the breath out that you can inhale anytime you want, so everything is okay.

We also recommend that you mentally repeat the mantra SA TA NA MA while holding the breath in and out during this exercise. (the Pavan Sodhung Kriya leglift exercise on the Digestible You segment of our Yoga Quick Fixes DVD)

A great technique to practice is the Pavan Sodhung Kriay exericse in the Digestible You Segment on our Yoga Quick Fixes DVD. It offers a wide range of benefits on many levels and is like a Kundalini Yoga set and meditation all in one.