Facial Tone

Q: Help! My face seems to be losing its tone!

A: Facial tone loss often reflects over-stressed adrenals. Overall, we recommend the exercises on Yoga Beauty Body, especially Shoulder stand with Breath of Fire. We also recommend the Hands Like a Teapot meditation on Fat Free Yoga for 11 minutes a day. All forms of meditation put us in regenerative mode. Whenever one has gone through a period of long term stress, meditation is essential. We also recommend all of Fat Free Yoga for its work on hormonal balance. The Be Stress Free Meditation on Yoga for Beginners & Beyond: Stretch, Strengthen, Be Stress Free, will also be very helpful

The following exercise should give you good results: sitting in a cross-legged position, raise your arms straight up, palms facing in, fingers spread wide. Hold this with Long Deep Breathing, elongating your spine all the while. 1-3 minutes. Then lower your arms, and with hands in lap, meditate for 1-3 minutes. Then repeat the exercise for 3-5 minutes. This works on the adrenals and will help the cells of your face regenerate.

We also suggest adding some raw food to your diet. The added enzymes will help you assimilate nutrients better and nutrition in important for you now. Also, plenty of EFA\'s (essential fatty acids) will be very beneficial for you as well.