Facial Redness / Rosacea

For facial redness we suggest a muti-faceted approach:
•Sitali Pranayam twice per day (check under S in this archive
•Fat Free Yoga DVD for its work on the glands,
•Yoga Cleanse DVD to de-tox the liver.
• Our Meditation DVD will calm and soothe the entire system, directly affecting skin reactions.
•Cut out acid forming foods:: sugar, coffee, alcohol, meat, salt, overeating.
•Avoid spicy foods and hot foods.
•Helpful supplements: MSM, a good probiotic, EFAs, liquid chloryphyl (1 teaspoon in water daily).

Finally, it's very important to keep your Solar Plexus open to let the breath in. We recommend our Solar Power DVD as well as plenty of Breath of Fire (on any of our DVDs)

We wish you joy, health, and blessings!