Thanks for your excellent question! As long as we inhabit these bodies, Enlightenment is a work in progress. Many people enter the Spiritual Path with the hope that their efforts will lead to an ultimate "aha" moment after which they will always be in a state of bliss and grace. This is a noble wish but it's actually a fantasy of escape. Enlightenment is a relative term because as we become more aware we realize that there's always another level beckoning. It also means to become more accountable and committed. On our quest to be the best us that we can be it's important to do outer work and inner work simultaneously. So we shouldn't think that just because we're not having a cosmic wow everyday we're not a beloved of the Beloved. Sometimes it's the people who need the most convincing that the Universe has to use a sledgehammer on. Spiritual passion is always in fashion but quiet consistency wins the race! Any Meditation in Kundalini Yoga can take you "all the way." What matters most is the devotion, steadfastness, sensitivity, and creativity we bring to your practice. Kundalini Yoga. We suggest the Long Ek Ong Kar Meditation which is on our Am/Pm Yoga DVD in the A.M. Chakra Activation segment. Other primary practices are: So Darshan Chakra Kriya, and Trishula Kriya. In addition to a powerful practice, here are some life exercises to help all of us remember that we already are enlightened, we just have to remember to remember that. Qualities of an Enlightened Human Each day we are actively involved in these ongoing projects of the Great Work: bringing our mind under conscious control and deconstructing and transforming the "five obstacles,": lust, anger, greed, pride, and attachment. We don't resist reality we flow with it. We accept the inevitable ups and downs of life and as a true soul surfer learn how to ride those waves. We accept ourselves, other people, and the rhythms of life and existence. We try to keep an overview and be as non-judgmental and objective as subjective beings can be. We let ourselves be spontaneous and simply real. We don't obsess about being what others think we should be. We support everyone's right to be who they are and shine. Sat Nam means that each of us is authentic and that it is our birthright to express that uniqueness. We are motivated to work to try to alleviate suffering on behalf of all beings. We experience joy in the simple and the natural. Dancing motes of dust in a stream of sun. A woodchuck eating grass on the edge of a field in Denville, NJ. We move seamlessly into the experience of timelessness and worlds overlapping. We are not artifacts of the culture. We work to steer the culture to a higher order of being. We simultaneously perceive the world and Universe from the outside looking, in, inside looking out, topside looking down, and as denizens of density expanding into the greater scheme. We cultivate a burning desire to feel God (the Universe, Infinity, etc.) in and around us. *** All of this doesn't happen in a vacuum. It requires Training. For instance when we begin a new workout regimen, things that seemed incredibly difficult in the beginning become much easier later on. Living with an open heart may not be easy now-especially when someone cuts you off in traffic!-but if you focus on it love and compassion will make their way into your skill set. It's important for all of us to remember that "enlightenment" is not a one-off affair. It's something that we need to cultivate and arrive at every day. Kundalini Yoga is the powerful technology we've found to make enlightenment real.