Early Morning Meditation Practice: Benefits

4 to 7AM are called the "Ambrosial Hours." It is said that the magnetic influences of the Saints and Sages of the ages are most easily tapped into in the early morning hours. The lung meridians are also most open around 5AM, so breathing practices done around this time are accentuated as well. Also, according to Yogi Bhajan, the pre-dawn hours offer us an opportunity to clear the most subconscious debris from our psyches. This will help us to be clear the rest of the day and be at our best. Overall, when we meditate in the pre-dawn hours, the blessings we accrue from our practice are magnified.

These are only a few of the positive benefits of an early morning practice. If you have the wisdom, ingenuity, and discipline to do a spiritual practice in the early morning hours it is a very profound and meritorious thing.