Type 2 diabetes can be well managed, and often totally reversed through yoga and a healthy lifestyle.

Many studies have reported the beneficial effect of the practice of yoga on diabetes. Some studies have mentioned up to 65 percent beneficial effect of yogic therapy for diabetes. K.N. Udupa has even mentioned 5 cases of juvenile diabetes who were completely controlled by yogic treatment. All of these studies have emphasized the possible mechanism of the yogic practices as:

Direct influence on pancreatic secretion by rejuvenation of the pancreatic cells, through alternate abdominal contractions and relaxation, during asanas (yogic postures which produce relaxation) and breathing exercises.

Exercise: Standing. Round your back and place your hands just above your bent knees. Inhale thru your nose. Exhale. Hold the breath out and pump your stomach with the breath held out. Inhale when necessary. Exhale. Continue for at least 3 min. Pumping your stomach with the breath held out.

Reduction in blood sugar due to muscular exercise involved in the asanas:

S.A.A. Ramaiahs study conducted in Washington, D.C. \"compared the effects of walking, treadmill, static cycling, and Bow pose, rocking, (as on our Warrior Workout DVD). The most effective were found to be the rocking in Bow Pose, it was concluded that the direct stimulation of the pancreas by this exercise rejuvenated one\'s capacity to produce insulin, although any exercise is great.

from a clinical study: \"The patient must learn to control and his or her diabetes in a holistic manner, at all levels of being: physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual, recognizing the effects of stress, emotional imbalance, and dietary and living habits on the disease \"condition.\"

We recommend our Yoga for Beginners & Beyond: Stretch, Strengthen, Be Stress Free, extending the meditation on that DVD to at least 11 min. - 20 min. per day.

It is important to monitor glucose levels under the supervision of a physician. Omega 3 Fatty acids can be very helpful. Try eating a few raw walnuts every few hours. Chromium picolinate is a good supplement for maintaining blood sugar levels.

Take a brisk walk a least twice a day.

The following postures have been found to be effective in the control and cure of diabetes Bow pose, Cobra Pose, Shoulder stand, Spinal twist, Plow Pose, Wheel Pose, among many others. All of these can be found on our Yoga Beauty Body DVD.

Also, avoid simple sugars such as white sugar, honey, glucose and sweets. and include complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal (great for keep blood sugar levels stable), buckwheat, brown rice and beans. Avoid processed food and eat foods with healthy fiber and nutrients.

Meditation practices have been shown to help the endocrine glands through relaxation of the sympathetic nervous system. Any of the meditations on our DVD\'s will be very helpful.