Depression is a very complex condition which is often caused by the cumulative effect of many factors. Overall depression occurs when reality doesn't present itself consistent with our self-image or expectations. From a yogic standpoint, depression can occur when we operate at an energy deficit or when we are estranged from our own soul. When our immune system is compromised depression can also be a factor.

Any and all of Kundalini Yoga, which helps us to put back what we put out on an energetic level can make a huge difference. Also, Kundalini Yoga helps us to access Spirit which is our unique (and Universal) creativity. This energy of our higher potential creates a condition where we can give ourselves permission to be who we are.

We recommend daily practice of the Delete Depression segment on our Yoga Quick Fixes DVD. The Ganpati Kriya Meditation under "G" in this archive can also be very helpful. For the type of depression which is so severe that you can barely function, Yogi Bhajan recommend 2.5 hrs. a day (you can break up the time) of Sat Kriya. This exercise is part of the Delete Depress segment on our Yoga Quick Fixes DVD.

Kundalini Yoga begins with the premise that the birthright for each of us is to be healthy and happy. There are so many things in this life that can take us away from this ideal. Kundalini Yoga can't change our circumstances, but it can give us the energy, balance, insight, and creativity to help us be the driving force behind our own fulfillment. If depression has cast a dark cloud over your life, don't despair. Dare to be proactive in some small way, even if you don't see how it can possibly make any difference. Cause and effect is an inviolable law and even the smallest things will add up and make a huge difference over time. Breathe and bless you!

Of course, if your depression is severe and unrelenting please seek professional counseling. If your depression is periodic, please consider that it may be simply part of the human condition. Something everyone goes through. The wise person knows that everything contains its opposite. If you have a predisposition for depression know that you also have the capacity for great joy.