Death, The Soul's Journey to the Blue Ethers

(From the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan)

When death happens the physical body no longer has any power to move or to grow, and it begins to decay. The subtle
consciousness of the soul begins to separate from the physical body. But for the first 3-4 days, the consciousness can "hang out" around the
body. It may have some kind of attachment still - to the body and to the life. What Yogi Bhajan calls "privileged souls" have a chance to travel
around and say good-bye to those they love, or to visit places that are sacred to them before they leave the earth plane.

In either event, the subtle consciousness maintains a connection to the physical body in those first few days. This is why, in the Sikh
tradition, we cremate the body and chant Akal. To help the soul let go of its attachment to the physical life it had and to be willing to move on.

The next part of the 17 days, the soul has to cross the electromagnetic field of the earth and begin its journey into the realm of the Blue
Ethers. There are four levels of the blue ethers before one experiences absolute and perfect Union with the Divine. Those who have a spiritual
teacher or guide get help at this point.

The first blue ether is where the assessment takes place. What were you sent for? How did you do? We all judge ourselves instantly at the time
of death. The first blue ether allows a soul a chance to really sit and re-evaluate. In fact, if there are lessons that did not get finished
during life, the soul has a chance, during the 17 days, to complete those lessons under his or her spiritual guide. This completion of the
lessons takes place either in the first or second blue ether, depending on the ripeness of the soul. In the first blue ether, the soul can
purify itself. In the second blue ether, it can continue to get deeper learning.

If the soul graduates to the second blue ether, it also has a chance to become a guide for other souls. It can reach out from that place and
help others.

The third blue ether is the most refined ether that the human being can access while alive. Deep meditation can open us up to the third blue
ether. The third blue ether is the realm of the master and the angel. So while alive, people who develop the consciousness of a master or an
angel (and Hari Simran Singh definitely had the radiance of an angel) have penetrated through to the third blue ether with their meditative mind.

In the process of death, such a soul could navigate those first two ethers fairly easily during the 17 days, and may end up at the third
blue ether if it has truly completed all its lessons. The third blue ether is the realm of the realized, enlightened soul. A soul who can
reach out and touch other souls to guide them in the past, present or future. A soul that graduates to the third blue ether has a choice to
make. That soul can decide to reincarnate again - for the purpose of serving humanity. Or it can chose to go onto the fourth blue ether and just be Pure Radiance. But such a soul will never reincarnate on earth
again once it enters the fourth blue ether.

The fourth blue ether is reserved for those incredible amazing Lights that guide humanity with their pure radiance. Like Guru Nanak. Like
Christ. Like Buddha. These souls will never take form again. But their consciousness is so clear and so realized, that they
radiate from the fourth blue ether across the centuries giving guidance, hope and love to humanity.

After the fourth blue ether, there is just Pure Union. No separation. Absolute Oneness. And that is the end of the soul's journey across time
and space.

Quotes from Yogi Bhajan

“When your mind will be dead, it won’t think or imagine. The mind will go to the Universal Mind. The physical body – all the five tattvas –go
to the five tattvas. The auric body will go to the light. The pranic body will go to the prana. But the subtle body will carry the soul and
shall process to the blue ethers. It is a conscious act.”

*April 2, 1981.*

“It takes many thousands and hundreds of thousand of years, trillions of years, for this soul to come out of the third layer of the blue ether.
It is not a small thing. A spot of earth waits millions of years that one day, a man of God will put his foot on it. It takes thousands of
years fora mountain to get the wind to work and create a little cave where a man of God will take shelter for a minute. It’s a whole
planning.” –*July 11, 1975.*

“What kind of body a man shall have, what kind of destiny and fate shall challenge it – is all performed at the stage called the third blue
ether.”*July 9, 1990.*

More from the teachings of YogiBhajan:

1. The soul begins its journey from the third blue ether.

2. In meditation, we can journey to the third blue ether.

3. The first blue ether is to purify. “The receptivity of the
cleansing of the soul to get ready to go back.” (3/22/82) “Where the
soul goes for purification.” (7/9/90.)

4. The second blue ether is to get guidance or to guide. “The
receptivity of the cleansing to be there and to supervise all other
promising souls.” (3/22/83) “Rest and get ready and the account is

5. The third blue ether is to become a realized being. “The light of
the soul which has to vibrate to relate to all souls, future of that
past and that of now, to be liberated.” (3/22/83) “Where transmission to
project out or project in is decided.” (7/9/90)

6. The fourth blue ether is to become a super guide from the most
Infinite, radiant aspect of consciousness – and it is not on the earth.
“The lighted self.” (3/22/83). “It’s the fourth ether from where the
soul never returns.” (7/9/90)

7. The fifth blue ether is Union. “God, Itself.”(3/22/83).