Q: As collagen breaks down as we age, is there any kriya that works on that aspect?

A: We recommend you work on glandular balance with the Life is in Your Own Glands set and the Hands Like A Teapot on Fat Free Yoga as well as the entire Yoga Beauty Body workout. Weight bearing exercises are also helpful. For that we recommend the Five Tibetan set on Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond and the Fight Fire w/ Fire segment on Fat Free Yoga, and our Body Electric and Kundalini Yoga Bootcamp DVDs.

Of course, avoiding sun exposure is very important to keep collagen from breaking down. Its also very important to avoid excess sugar, smoke (even second hand), and alcohol. We also recommend eating an antioxidant rich diet which contains essential fats and a good source of protein and lots of lots of water.

Avoiding sugar (which includes alcohol consuption) is also very important. Sugar is very "judgemental" to collagen.