Cold Depression

What characterizes life now is that so much has become too much, to the extent that many people are just numb. This numbness and existential angst is what Yogi Bhajan called Cold Depression. He said, "You have been betrayed, burned, and your heart has been broken. The signs of cold depression are when you feel that life doesn't matter. Society doesn't matter. Discipline doesn't matter. Family doesn't matter. Nothing matters. Cold depression is desperation, a constant pain. You feel limited, small, undercut, neglected, and rejected. Only strong meditation can burn it out. "Cold Depression will be experien- ced in epidemic proportions thru 2038 as we transition into the Aquarian Age. It occurs when you fight against your own conscious-ness. The solution is simple: find out what's worth fighting for." What we are fighting for is our very soul. Sit in easy pose with a straight spine. Interlace your fingers with your index fingers extended. Your thumbs cross each other comfortably. Your hands are at sternum level. Your eyes are slightly open. Focus at the tip of your nose. Chant any musical version of Wahay Guru (3x) Wahay Jeo. Chant from your navel. Feel Wha resonate at the navel. Hay at the sternum. Guru at the lips. Follow the same sequence and rhythm for Wahe Jeo. Start with 3 min. and work up to 31 min. To end: Inhale, hold the breath. Listen to the sound of the mantra. Exhale. Hold out and offer your numbness, inner malaise, and despondency to God. Inhale, hold and feel the preciousness of life. Relax. This mantra means: O my soul, God is. The experience of ongoing ecstasy is my birthright and Destiny. Reply to this newsletter if you'd like a musical track to do this Meditation to.