Chronic Colds

Frequent colds are an indication that there is an imbalance that needs to be addressed. It could be a condition such as candida (you can read about this in this archive), or food allergies. Frequent colds could also be an emotional issue unresolved or, of course, a compromised immune system. In addition to a daily Kundalini Yoga practice, we suggest that you experiment with cutting out dairy, wheat, foods with chemical additives, and processed sugar for a month to see if that makes a difference. You might consider the Immune Booster segment from our Yoga House Call DVD.

There is an exercise which strengthens the immune system: have your left hand at sternum level, left palm facing away from the body, left forearm parallel to the floor. Have your right palm facing the body, right forearm parallel, and hook your fingers. We call this the propeller exercise: as you inhale raise your left elbow up as the right goes down. Exhale reverse. Do this powerfully for 3 min. When you get to the point in the exercise where part of you wants to stop, and you keep going, your immune system \"kicks in,\" and gets stronger.

With regard to chronic conditions such as frequent colds, because there are so many possible contributing factors: genetic propensity, nutritional deficiency, or emotional issue (Kundalini Yoga begins to work on this automatically), it is important to work from the inside out (Kundalini Yoga) and outside in (lifestyle and advice from a physician or holistic practitioner) at the same time. That way you are certain to have success. Sometimes in situations like this you have to be a real detective to get to the bottom of what\'s going on. Have you had your home tested for radon? Is there any other possible source of checmical exposure? Do you drink purified water? These areas of inquiry may seem a bit alarmist, but it is possible to have our immune system compromised for years by something which may not have been obvious. For instance, we know someone who had a moldy mattress and it had been making them sick for a long time until they replaced it.