Chakras & Passages of LIfe

Q, “What are the passages of life for each of the chakras?” I don’t under-stand what this means, “passages of life”, and I don’t have anything in my notes that mentions this.

Each of our lives is a journey of discovery replete with predictable phases. Human existence is a collaboration between our biological imperatives and promptings of soul. Our Root chakra corresponds with ages 0-11. Our second chakra is adolescence, Navel is young adulthood. Our Heart represents our parental years, Our Throat, 40's and 50's, Third Eye also starts around 36 and into our 70's, Our Crown chakra is preparation for our extravagant journey into the light. Of course, we want to be able to draw upon all the chakras before their time. Conversely, if we over-index on one phase too long it may create an imbalance. Consider the puer aeturnus archetype, a.k.a. Peter Pan syndrome. That describes delayed adolescence. One definition of maturity is to be able to reconcile our inevitable aging process with the timetable with the accrued wisdom of experience. In our BOOK (The Kundalini Yoga Book - Life in the Vast Lane. we have a chapter about the chakras (Eight Ways to Live Your Colors). We describe each chakra from a physical perspective, as well as emotional, spiritual, life implications, and life practice. This will give you a deeper understanding of the rites of passage (aging) and the appropriate chakra work that needs to take place at these junctures. There is a parallel here with Life Cycles. Each 7 yrs. represents a cycle of consciousness. 11 is intellect. 18 is physical (our relationship with energy).