Chakra Quiz: Which Chakra Are You?

The Ultimate Chakra Quiz

Chakras are energy distribution centers along the spine which are etheric counterparts to important nerve plexi or glands. The chakras are the complete spectrum of the human experience. When energy is blocked in any of the chakras, it translates as corresponding blocks in our lives. We want to allow for the free flow of energy throughout the chakra system so that we can be firing on all cylinders. To complete the following questionnaire, please cut and paste the questions and answers and circle the answers which most closely approximates your preference.

There are no right or wrong answers. Each of us has a basic orientation with regard to the chakras, and THEY'RE ALL GOOD. More than one answer may apply to you, but for the sake of this quiz, pick the answer which most resonates with you.

1. Which of these is MOST important to you:

1. loyalty to a person(s), a cause, philosophy, or teaching
2. freedom
3. expression
4. bliss

2. Do you fantasize MOST about:

1. having your ideal body
2. sex
3. success
4. creative or spiritual fulfillment

3. Do you think of God:

1. when you in a tight spot and need some Divine Intervention
2. when you see something beautiful in nature
3. when you're trying to be the best that you can be
4. when you're feeling expansive and open

4. Do your think that reincarnation is:

1. too New Age for your taste
2. a cool idea
3. not worth thinking about while I am still working on this life!
4. part of the fabric of existence

5. Do you base your relationships on:

1. security
2. excitement and passion
3. love
4. shared destiny

6. When you are having an argument with someone, with whom you intensely disagree, do you:

1. fight to the bitter end to assert your point/and or retreat into yourself and get angrier by the minute.
2. enjoy the dance
3. say what needs to be said to further your goals
4. open yourself to the flow of new information

7. Do you consider creativity:

1. a driving force in your life
2. an exquisite and beautiful experience
3. the key to success
4. a doorway to the sublime

8. Would a memorable New Year's Eve be:

1. partying all night and going home at dawn
2. spending time with an important person in your life
3. giving a party for the important people in your life
4. taking part in a group meditation/chanting event

9. If you were given a gift of a million dollars, would you:

1. put the money in a retirement account
2. let yourself experience the kind of luxury you've never been able to afford
3. give the money to good causes
4. open a spiritual retreat center

10. Describe the relationship with your parents and siblings:

1. family is everything
2. contentious
3. you stay as far away from them as you can
4. respectful

11. Which type of music most resonates with your soul:

1. raw blues
2. alternative rock
3. classical music
4. world music

12. Which type of food do you find most satisfying:

1. sweet and substantial
2. hot and spicy anything
3. a meal prepared by a gourmet chef
4. light and pure.

Now add the numbers of the questions you selected. For instance, if you picked #4 for each question, then your total would be 48 (12 x 4). Compare your sum with the chart below to find the chakra which is your basic orientation.

1st chakra 12 - 17
2nd chakra 18 - 23
3rd chakra 23 - 27
4th chakra 28 - 32
5th chakra 33 - 35
6th chakra 36 - 40
7th chakra 41 - 45
8th chakra 46 - 48

To insure that our lives are in balance, it is important to balance the chakra which is our basic orientation with its polarity.

"Good for the body
is the work of the body. Good for the soul is the work of the soul.
And good for either is the work of the other."

--Henry David Thoreau

So, if you are a:

1st chakra person (earthy and loyal) then you might want to give some attention to the 7th chakra (expansive and open).

2nd chakra person (sensual and creative) you might want to give some attention to the 6th chakra (visionary and intutive)

3rd chakra person (focused and fearless) you might want to give some attention to your 4th chakra (compassionate and soulful)

4th chakra person (compassionate and soulful) you might want to give some attention to your 3rd chakra (focused and fearless)

5th chakra person (productive and direct) you might want to give some attention to your 8th chakra (radiant and receptive)

6th chakra person (visionary and intutive) you might want to give some attention to your 2nd chakra (sensual and creative)

7th chakra person (expansive and open) you might want to give some attention to your 1st chakra (earthy and loyal)

8th chakra person (radiant and receptive) you might want to give some attention to your 5th chakra (productive and direct)

to work on the 1st chakra walk barefoot on earth. Stay steady. Commit to your commitments! We recommend the Foundation exercises in Journey thru the Chakras DVD

to work on the 2nd chakra practice letting go. Express yourself. We recommend the Potency & Fertility segment on our Yoga House Call DVD

to work on the 3rd chakra go forward into your fears. Do what you've been afraid to do. We recommend our Navel Power DVD

to work on the 4th chakra know that the other person is you. Be a team player. We recommend Heart Center mantra chant on our Solar Power DVD

to work on the 5th chakra say it loud and say it proud. Sing. Be direct. Do what you say. We recommend the Throat Chakra exercises and meditation on our Journey thru the Chakras DVD. The meditation in that segment (which uses the mantra Sat Nam 6x Wahay Guru, should be practiced for 11 min. per day

to work on the 6th chakra hear what's not being said. Be willing to see what is. We recommend the All & Everything Meditation on our Kundalini Yoga Meditation DVD

to work on the 7th chakra be wiling to let go and let God. We recommend the Deep Meditation Into Stillness on our Kundalini Yoga Meditation DVD

to work on the 8th chakra feel radiant. We recommend the Chakra 6,7,8, segment on our Journey thru the Chakras DVD